Monday, July 30, 2012

Control Freaks, Friends and a Spooktacular Offer!

I could easily share another two weeks of convention highlights with you, but I better wrap it up sometime as we have a new Holiday Mini Catalog starting Wednesday and I have FUN things to share with you from that too.

 During lunch at convention we had the Control Freaks swap.  I am truly honored to be invited into that group.  This was my second year of convention swapping with them and I wasn't even nervous this time!!
Here is teeny tiny Wendy Weixler standing on her chair so we all know where to meet.  She was our swap coordinator and an Artisan Award winner this year!  Congratulations Wendy!!

Aren't they pretty?  And I own one of each!!!

 Jason Casper our resident man Freak trying to take a picture of the table.

 All the Freaks who attended convention - when else can you call your friends freaks and they won't get offended?!

Then there is Kim aka BFF...who I'm about to call a freak!  I'm tellin' ya, you can dress that girl up but you can't take her anywhere!  Always the life of the party wherever she she is giving Connie Collins a tattoo.

 What do we have here?  Somebody wet their pants?  Hmmm...maybe you remember this posting from convention last year...I think we have a potty theme going on!

As soon as convention closing session ended, I asked my team to meet me for a quick goodbye.  As we were exiting, Kim said 'I have to go to the bathroom'.  I said, 'well you better hurry because this is going to be a quick goodbye'.

I was busy talking to my group when out of the corner of my eye, I see Kim and Ruthie acting weirder than normal.  I did a double take at Kim and she said, 'see I told you I had to go'!  I felt horrible!  I couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying and I just wanted to help her.  I quickly finished up, said my last goodbyes a lot faster than I would have liked to...only to find out later that Ruthie poured water on her to make me feel bad.  Yet another nasty little trick on me!  So they are 2 for 2 and all I have to say is they better look out NEXT YEAR!!!!!

 Now on to something more fun!  A Spook-tacular Offer starting August 1st!!

 Isn't this just darling?  August 1-31st join my team and you will receive a FREE Howl-o-ween Printer’s Tray project kit! This boo-tiful kit contains all the bits and pieces to create a super spooky Halloween decoration.

Not only do you get $125 worth of products for just $99 in our new totally customizable Starter Kit, you also get this great project.  It comes with materials to make it a Halloween design, but you can easily pop them out and change it up for every holiday! 

The tray was custom made for this project and is not available in any store. 
Why join MY team?  It's all about the FUN at Inking Everything!  Send me an e-mail and I'll fill you in on the details. *Ü*.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Convention Gifts

Another fun part of Stampin' Up! conventions is making and giving gifts to your roommates and friends.  This were one set of the gifts I made for my animal print loving BFF, Kim.

 I had to step outside the Stampin' Up! catalog to find the paper (shhh...don't tell on me!), but it was worth it. *Ü*

This box had salted caramels in it from the Chocolate Bar in downtown Boise.  Yum!

Covered clothespins

Darling paper shoes - the pattern can be found HERE

A covered notebook with the Carry On stamp set that is now available again!  Yeah!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Convention Team Meeting Part 2

Yesterday I shared the gifts with you for the team get together, today I want to share my team with you.

 Lorri Heiling and I teamed up this year to have our meeting together.  That was a LOT of fun!  Here is the whole gang.

 Sometimes as a leader you are so busy recognizing your downline and taking care of them that your own accomplishments just become your own.  No more - the whole world now knows Lorri Heiling earned the incentive trip to Fiji!!!  I loved surprising her and I'm so happy she didn't kill me for putting her in the spotlight.

 Another HUGE accomplishment, Jennifer Thomas promoted to Manager!!

Our cook prepared out dinner in the room for us.  Beats the heck out of cooking myself!

Let me introduce you to my girls that attended convention. I have the best group, I just love them! We had so much fun!!

Kathy Larrivey

Ruthie Graen  - my goofy gal!  (there is a better picture of her below. *Ü*)

 Charlotte Hondl and Kari Karlin

Rochelle Price

Penny Smiley and Orlean Clausen

Tami John

Corrie Nevill and Sheryl Edwards

I'm sad I didn't get a better picture of Janet McColley and Jennifer Valk 

 OK - here is the better picture of Ruthie Graen...and Shelli Gardner

Lea Sorley and Shelli Gardner

I borrowed this picture from the SU! website.  How better can I explain the excitement and energy of a Stampin' Up!convention that this photo! 

And apparently what happens at convention stays at convention...except when I post it on my blog!  Bawahaaa!!!  Kathy and Ruthie gettin' down!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Convention Team Meeting

One of my favorite things at convention is my team meeting.  I get to go all out to spoil them.  I rent a banquet room at the Hilton, we have a meeting, get to know each other better, have dinner, swap cards, make new friends before convention starts - so much fun!  This year, these were at each table setting for them.

 I gave my friend Jacque the measurements for the size bag I wanted and all the fabric.  This is what we came up with.  It's a little bit bigger than a card size.

The directions I followed for this project can be found HERE.  I substituted real scissors for the paper ones.

 I knew I wanted to make these from the first moment I saw them on Pinterest.  These are slightly smaller than card size, about 4" x 5", so the scissors fit perfectly.  I made the scissor charms, the rolled flowers on the bags and the keychains below.  I would rather not make another rolled fabric flower as long as I live! *Ü*

You can find the directions I used for the flowers HERE
Our meeting topic was on marketing yourself or 'branding' yourself.  I gave them an exercise to complete during convention and if they did, they got one of these matching keychains on the last day.  I was so thrilled that so many of them participated!    Great job girls!

Would you like to meet with us at convention next year?  It will be Stampin' Up!'s 25th anniversary and it is going to be awesome!Joining my Inking Everything team is easy, just click HERE.  If you are thinking about it but have questions, feel free to e-mail.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Convention 2012 'i am'

Here are just a very few of the convention highlights I will be sharing over the next few weeks.  Our fabulous convention theme was 'i am' and I discovered i am quite a few different things.

i am home...and so happy to see my family

 i am enjoying my moment on the red carpet

I am truly honored

 i am hoping I do not fall down those stairs

 i am thrilled to be a display stamper for Stampin' Up!

 i am a friend

i am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion and experience with these girls

i am excited
 i am exhausted...see you tomorrow with more convention highlights!