Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome Friends!

Well, this is it! I am actually attempting to start a site that I can post updates and cards on. I hope this will keep us together through my transition from California to Idaho.

Right now, you can view some of my favorite links to blogs as well as the current Stampin' Up! online catalog.

Please feel free to check back often to see what's new. I will update this blog as my ever so intelligent, website navigating, eleven year old son is available to help me. :)


  1. Welcome, blogging is such great fund and you will meet some very wonderful people. Can't wait to see your wonderful creations.

  2. are newer than I am...I just discovered blogging a couple of months ago...can't wait to see your art work.

  3. Welcome, Becky. I'm new, too. I started last month and now I'm wondering how I got along without blogging.

    Your work is beautiful. Keep it coming to inspire the rest of us.

  4. Well I am not so happy with this Blog, because it means you are really leaving me.

  5. Becky, Suzie was right. Nice blog. Just met you twice, but will miss you, too. Best wishes in Idaho.