Monday, May 26, 2008

ICE...a scrapbooker's escape

Pictures of our Stampin' Up! booth from 'ICE...a scrapbooker's escape' show.

We had such a great weekend participating in ICE. The event was VERY well done! It looked beautiful all decorated in blue and brown with balloon bouquets and towering boxes of prizes. The scrapbooking ladies who attended the weekend crop were a wild and crazy bunch. You should have seen and heard them when the prize music came on!! They had tons of table space and food and fun. Some ladies stayed up all night while others took it easy. They had the most beautiful chocolate fountain and fruit and food buffets and goodies....

This was the first year for this event and I am confident it will be bigger and better every year. If you are even remotely close to Boise, ID, or interested in a road trip, keep an eye on for details about next year's event.

You can click on each of the pictures for larger views.

Thank you Stacy Palmer for taking this event on with me, Jennifer Thomas for letting us borrow your Color Caddy and Stampin' Stack & Store, Craft Warehouse ( for their generous donation of the desk pieces and Purple Ice Productions for the wonderful weekend. Oh, and Brian, George & Benjamin for their manual labor and encouragement... in case those guys read this ;) We love you!


  1. That sure was a fantastic display you set up. It was very pleasing to the eye. I hope it was good for you. Wish you were closer. We miss you.

  2. Becky, what an undertaking !!!! WOW! Your display is so professional, and really showcases the possibilities of Stampin' Up! WELL DONE (just like everything you do!).

  3. Becky... it was wonderful to meet you at ICE. I am looking forward to taking some classes from you. I hope the weekend was a success for you.