Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogging Awards

I'm so grateful for the compliments I receive on my blog! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post a comment or drop me a line with your kind remarks. I've been nominated by several for a couple different awards and have successfully put off posting them until today...when 3 more came in. I am grateful, please know that I am, it's just that I would rather be at my stamp desk than on my computer!
I honestly can't remember all the nominations I've received since I told myself I wasn't interested in posting those silly awards (sorry, still grateful) and now I wish I had kept a list because I've really enjoyed reading interesting facts about others on their blogs. Not that I have anything interesting to share however! I know it all started with that darn Nancy Riley at iSTAMP. I've also been tagged by Karen and others I'm sorry I can't remember and lastly today by Amy Celona. It was Amy who threw me over the edge today and quilted me into posting because it's her WOW! swaps I've joined for convention and don't want to be kicked out until I've collected my goods ;o)
OK, here it goes, 7 random or weird facts about myself.
1. I'll start easy, I'll be 45 this year and have 2 boys ages 9 and 12. I've been married 25 years, the last 15 to the man I will love and be with forever.
2. Both my boys were born on a Thursdays and were scheduled inductions. George had started a new job the Monday before each birth and was only able to have the weekend with us. It's OK, by Monday I was good and ready to do it on my own and MY way!
3. I'm an extremely private person and love listening to others but rarely share about myself...hence my hesitation to do this project. Don't tell anyone my facts and don't sell my information on the Internet ;o)
4. I've earned 2 Stampin' Up! cruises and have been unable to attend both! We were living in CA and had no family to watch the boys and it would have cost $3000 to take our kids with us on our FREE cruise.
5. I wear hearing aids that have zebra stripe covers much to the embarrassment of my oldest son! He makes a point of telling everyone up front that his mom can't hear because he is mortified when people ask me about it! Oh, those pre-teen years, aren't they fun?
6. I was a Grumman's Chinese Theater (now Mann's Chinese Theater) the day John Travolta put his Urban Cowboy boots in the cement and have a couple of the paper towels they used to clean his boots off. They are firmly cemented together by green cement and folded in a 4" square to keep forever. George also knows that the day John comes for me is the last day he will ever see me again. But I 'll still love you George!
7. I did not take my husbands last name when we got married. I am Roberts and he and the boys are Papadopoulos...see why? ;o) I love the Greeks, please don't curse me.
That's it...pretty darn boring compared to some I've read who've had these fabulous lives. I wouldn't change a thing tho unless I win the lottery!!
I'm breaking the rules slightly here, I am not nominating anyone for these awards. I wouldn't know where to start, there are so many fantastic stampers and bloggers out there. Those I love, know I love them! Please feel free to cut and paste these awards onto your blog and share some interesting facts about yourself if you would like.
Have a great day!


  1. Becky, so glad you played along! Not only do we LOVE your stamping talents, it's fun to get to know the Becky behind the spectacular artwork!

    John Travolta has always been one of my crushes too!

  2. Wow, I bet your hearing aids look really cool! which company made them?

  3. Oticon makes all kinds of cool covers! This is an interesting conversation to have on a stamping site ;o)

  4. becky your facts are "random," not boring. besides how many other people do you know that can say they were up close and personal with john travolta's cement? :)

    absolutely love!!! all of your swaps for convention. you work is beautiful.

    can't wait to meet you.

    cheers ~ carol. (udi)

  5. What was that comment that you don't have anything interesting...hogwash. Thanks for share a little about yourself and your family.

  6. SO FUN to read facts about you. I SO hope we run into each other at convention!! TFS!