Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Silent Auction Time of the Year Again

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been stamping up a few new projects to show you in the next couple weeks but I've also been working on the kids Silent Auction for school. I somehow volunteered to help and ended up being in charge of the donations and on a committee of ONE! You gotta love that! It's all over Thursday night and life will resume as usual :)

This is my Stampin' Up! donation to the auction. It came together pretty cute in this little storage unit from Target ($24.95). There are little buckets hanging on each side full of fun stamped items like post it notes, pen, key chain and Stampin' Up! Chap stick. Hanging on the back is a
12 x 12 Craft Keeper with papers and a scrapbook kit. I hope someone bids on it!!

I made gifts for our President, VP and Treasure of the PTA who have been working as hard as I have. This is a pattern from the ever-so-creative, Andrea Walford. Her pattern can be down loaded here.
They are...guess what.....wait for it.....MORE STINKIN' PEPPERMINT PATTIES!!! Yes, I said I was done with them forever but I guess I'm not *Ü* The girls loved them! This pattern is very easy. The lids are acetate or as Stampin' Up! used to sell, window sheets. I wish they would bring those back.
I'm also working on a Demonstrator Only Event here in Boise on November 6th. Beth Suhr and I are hosting the event at the Comfort Suites if any demonstrators in the area would like to attend. Each demonstrator will be given an area to display her show and tell. We will have pattern exchanges, demonstrations, the business topic is Marketing Yourself, food, sharing, and tons of door prizes! Please contact me for registration information.


  1. Once yet again this is to cool. I would bid, but I want to win it too!!! And it has such cool stuff in it!!!! Your the best!

  2. This is just fabulous. I love that cart. I might have to go check out my local Target...that would be a great little organizational addition to my stamp room, wait a minute I don't have a stamp room....oh well my pretend stamp room! Can I bid on it??????????
    Love it, great job.

  3. OK that stamp cart is absolutely too adorable! I may have to go get one and pretty it up like you did! What a great idea! I hope it earns you lots of money at the auction!

  4. Wish I lived closer, cuz I would definitely bid on this. What an awesome prize! You did a great job on it.

  5. Wow!!!! That is just the greatest thing I've seen today! I need one of those! Wish I could bid in your auction! Cute patties too!

  6. How cool is this. If I lived there I would definitely bid on it. Kristin

  7. I hope the auction when well. Your little boxes are so cute. I hope your demo only event goes well. Hugs

  8. WOW isn't this just te most fab thing ever! I lvoe lvoe lveo it! Can't wait for the tutorial!

    I've tagged you on my blog!