Monday, February 16, 2009

When Do The Kids Go Back To School??

It's been a long President's weekend having the kids home Friday and Monday...and dad too. I'm trying to get some stamping done for my show this Friday and they just won't cooperate with me. They keep wanting to go places and and have friends over and eat, eat, eat!

Botanical Blooms Sale-A-Bration set. I used Always Artichoke, So Saffron and Elegant Eggplant
I'm not complaining about my favorite Branch Out set, but they are starting to all look alike. I think I need to branch out a bit...ha, ha!

This is what happens when you go to the mall and leave dad in charge. Dad was upstairs working on taxes and Nicholas was a little bored!! Pardon the mess, Ben was working on homework & I was doing laundry.

I knew when I got a phone call asking me to pick up more string cuz he used it all, I was in trouble. There was this elaborate trap set for me at the door when I came in. He has been perfecting this technique for least string is cheap :o)


  1. I love his creative mind. Give him a stamp and see what he can do.

  2. your boys are too funny, becky. just wait until they learn adult antics. haha.

    absolutely LOVE! your card! gorgeous.

    xoxo ~ carol.

  3. He is very creative. The cards are great! What did you use for the vase in Card 1???

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Having raised 4 boys, I know these type activities! That is too funny...and SO GREAT! Kids are awesome...and your front hallway is BEAUTIFUL!!! :D

  5. Beautiful cards! At least string is easy to clean up.

  6. Oh, but how I miss those days! LOL
    Very funny! Gotta love Boys!
    When my Son was young he surprized me once by playing barber with his Sisters beautiful long blonde hair. Needless to say...It wasn't very beautiful after his hair cut! LOL

    Was your Son playing Spiderman?

    Love your card! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chuckles!



  7. love card one! did u crystal effect that vace and emboss the flowers and cut each out? it looks amazing!

  8. Becky, both of these cards are AWESOME! The Botanical Blooms card really caught my eye ... I've never seen it look THAT good! WOW! What a clever use of those stamps!


  9. So what happens when you open the front door? Do things start falling over or off the shelves? Is it like one of those domino things? He sure is a creative kid! I bet he keeps you on your toes!

  10. ROFL.. wow he's good really! lol closed my borrower REALLY quick so my oldest who 10 wouldn't get any ideas! lol..

    My branch out is coming on Thurs. I CAN'T WAIT! :)



  11. uadounOMG thanks for the chuckle. When my son was younger he too was a "webber" .

  12. OMG @ the web trap. It really is a good thing string isn't

    Luv all your creations. You have a fab blog.


  13. Very funny. Keep on enjoying and of course sharing your boys canny antics and remember their 21st's...

  14. I love his creative mind. Give him a stamp and see what he can do.
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