Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Standard Mother's Day Gift!

This past weekend I was away in Northern Idaho stamping with a fabulous group of new friends. I have lots to share with you on that in the next few days, but here is a photo of the entrance to the stamp room we played in.

Decorated in beautiful antiques and tons of was so fun!

My boys picked me up at the airport about 6 last night and we headed to dinner. Nicholas gave me his standard Mother's Day gift - a trip to the Emergency room! Out of his 12 young years, we have spend 5 of them in the hospital of some sort either on Mother's Day or the week of! This time it was Friday as I was frantically preparing last minute details for my trip, I get a call from the school nurse that Nicholas has had a Lacrosse accident in PE, so off to the ER we go! He separated the ligaments in his thumb and has a hairline fracture in his hand...we go back this Friday to see if surgery is in order for him!

They had plenty of surprises in store including this darling bouquet of flowers. It's a puppy holding a flower - how sweet is that?!! I hope your Mother's Day was equally as awesome!
See you tomorrow with stamping stuff!


  1. Oh Becky--you just made my day! We had so much fun with you this weekend, you are the sweetest thing ever and oh, so talented to boot!! We have all been talking today about how we would all rather be creating something pretty and how inspired we are all feeling after your visit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. I LOVE that puppy flower arrangement!!! Lucky you!
    Sue aka The Soggy Stamper

  3. OH my gosh, can you please pack a little more excitement in your life??? Sorry to hear about Nicholas, wow what a fun tradition for you guys!
    Your weekend sounds incredible, cant' wait to hear more!
    LOVE the floral arrangement too!

  4. Becky....Love the puppy flower arrangement...Aside from er visit consider yourself lucky. I am two girls and neither one of them bothered to even call me! I was heartbroken but what can you do....

    Looking forward to see what you guys did all weekend.

    Inky Hugs,

  5. I got the same Mother's Day present...not the flowers, the injury! My oldest son injured his arm sliding into home at baseball on Sunday. Thankfully it wasn't serious, and he was more upset about being out than being hurt!