Thursday, January 17, 2013

Good Friends, Great Gifts!

The best part of Leadership is seeing old friends exchanging gifts and swapping cards!

A few of the gifts from BFF Kim

 Kim & I

 Diana Gibbs, Marlene Salvato and Rhonda Morgan - love these girls!!

I hit the mother lode with Marlene!  That girl can SWAP!!!  If you are a fan of Diana Gibbs blog, you know Marlene as MAMMa.

Swap card from Rhonda Morgan.

Two beauties from Diana Gibbs.
Miss you girls - it was so fun to see you again and get to spend time together!!

I'll share more friends and more gifts/swaps next time!


  1. I love them too Becky! I love swapping with Di, Marlene and Rhonda! I treasure all their creations. Blessed to be part of their group.

  2. Fantastic treasures and great memories!

  3. did hit the motherlode with everything...lucky you!