Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Catalog Set Sneak Peek

Ooooh, I'm getting so excited for the new catalog in June and lookie what Stampin' Up! has for us now...a little sneak preview promotion!
I absolutely love this little 7/8" Scallop Circle Punch that debuted in the Spring Catalog and I am so happy it is being carried over into the new catalog - and it has a brand new matching stamp set!

Introducing A Round Array!

From March 15 through May 30, A Round Array stamp set and coordinating 7/8" Scallop Circle Punch will be available as a Catalog Sneak Peek Promotion

Spring Surprise Bundles* $23.95
  • 133899 Spring Surprise Bundle (English; clear)
  • 133897 Spring Surprise Bundle (Spanish; clear)
  • 133898 Spring Surprise Bundle (French; clear)
A Round Array Stamp Set*, set of 8 for only $14.95
  • 129090 A Round Array Stamp Set (English; clear)
  • 131682 Variedades Stamp Set (Spanish; clear)
  • 131616 M├ędallions s├ęduction Stamp Set (French; clear)
*Only offered in clear-mount. Wood-mount option will be available during the 2013–2014 annual catalog.

Please order your Stampin' Up! supplies HERE.  

Stamp Club delivery day at my house is oh so exciting for the animals!  

Eric our cat hops from box to box, pretends he is invisible, and then jumps out at the dog.  Sarah loves to hide her ball in the packing paper and then find it, jump on it, roll on it, shred the paper, oh my! It's at least an hour of fun spent frolicking around..

Then I have to wait until the nap is over from all that exhausting play so I can clean up!


  1. TOOO FUNNY!!!!!! :) That's how it is around here when I get a box of goodies!!!! :)
    THANKS for showing us the up-coming SURPRISE!!!!!!!! :) (It's NICE to be able to PLAN AHEAD!!! ) :)

  2. That is so cute!!! I love how the dog looks exhausted from play:) I like the new bubble wrap. I take it out and pop it at my dog and he barks and tries to jump at it. So funny how he's intimidated by it. Gotta love our furry friends:) Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Love it! yes-they do love anything box-like: boxes, drawers, laundry baskets! One of our cats made himself sick by just sniffing all the wrapping paper and box that my order of catnip came in!

  4. That's HYSTERICAL! You just painted a whole movie-scene in my head!!! Love it! :)

  5. Love the animals . . . just like little kids! Sweet!

  6. I think our pets are related I have so many pictures like that.

    Snoopy :D

  7. Too cute! Your dog looks like my dog..and she too likes to play with the paper and cardboard. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that lets my pet play and make a mess just for the fun of it!

  8. Becky, My cat does the same thing! She's a nut.

  9. It looks like all cats the world over are crazy. My next door neighbour loves visiting my art room when I get a delivery.
    He chews and rips and then lays on it exhausted and is not happy if I try and take it away from him. Sooo cute.
    Thanks for sharing love your blog.

  10. Ha ha I have just read my comment and I meant to say my next door neighbours cat. Although my neighbour chewing on the paper is rather funny.


  11. I love all that you do but I really really love you golden retriever dog. They are the best.

  12. Becky, these are the cutest pictures!!! Sure brought a huge smile to my face & happiness in my heart! Our two boys (cats-brothers) absolutely LOVE the shipments as well. They have a piece of the brown packing paper laid out at all times to nap on in the living room - it adds such CLASS to the room!!! When I throw the huge piece on the living room carpet while unpacking the box they use it to skid-across-the-room!! Your blog & ideas are SO inspiring-thanks for sharing with us!