Monday, November 11, 2013

Guess What Time It Is???

Pumpkin Baseball!!!
Just a small line up this year.  We decided to go with small pumpkins, equally as fun but not nearly as impressive year the return of the larger pumpkins!

Nicholas is up first as always and blasts it to smithereens!!

One more time with an impressive mess!  Sarah's in place to make the catch.

Next up, Benjamin - hitting every single pitch!  Pumpkin smash all around him and on him too!

Even the dog is getting further away!

Taking turns, dad makes an impressive mess as well.

Time out to explain to Sarah that all the pumpkins are gone.

And of course, mom up last just before the clean up party ensues.  That's it for another fun year of pumpkin baseball!
If interested, you can take a look at past years HERE.  Amazing how the kids have grown!
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  1. Looks like good family fun!!! : )

  2. I love seeing how your boys have grown! My boys are 31 and 27 now, so keep enjoying making those wonderful memory making times!

  3. Hey Becky! One of your kiddos got THE PERFECT SHOT of his mom, wow!!!! Way to go! :) What fun, and I love to see Sarah in on the fun too! T.F.S.! :)

  4. Oh Becky,

    I lost count of the number of years I have been following you and it always makes me smile when I see these piccies and you are so right about the boys all grown up. you have a wonderful family, Sharon xx