Friday, August 14, 2015

Convention Gifts Part 2

Part two of the gifts I received at convention from my fabulous friends.
Debbie Ware made this bracelet from Stampin' Up! supplies.  I'm not sure which is prettier, the bracelet or the muslin bag with roses. 

Vintage Faceted Buttons and the new Pearls

A bag of Hershey Nuggets and paper clips with the new In Color embellishments and lace trim from Krista Murphy.

A bag of Hershey Kisses with this beautiful rose from Amanda Clark.

Love how the doily goes over the top of the bag and the closure is in the middle.

Jen Guarino made this adorable little suitcase...

That perfectly fit a container of Tic Tacs!

This is fun - a Stampin' Up! Friendship Survival Kit by Kathy Larrivey.

Post-It Flags – to help you set priorities

Jewel – to add sparkle

Gold ribbon – to tie us together in friendship

Flower – to remind you of the beauty in life

Candle – to share your light of creativity

Eraser – to clear away any mistakes

Paper Clip – to help keep life together

Mints – to celebrate your commitment

Battery – to help you recharge

Starburst – to give you a burst of energy

Tea Bag – to help you relax

Life Savers – to remind you of how you help

Pearl – to add a touch of class

Toothpick – to pick out the good ideas

Gum – to help you get unstuck

Button – to keep us together

Kisses – to cheer you up when you’re down

Neon Bracelets – to remind you to keep it fun

Heart – ‘cause you’re the heart of Inking Everything

Glue Stick – ‘cause you’re stuck with me!

Fun idea, huh!
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