Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Pesky Woodpecker

Never a dull moment at this house! 
For the past few months we've had a woodpecker drilling on our attic shutter.  Well, he finally succeeded and he had to be evacuated before he invited his friends for a sleepover! 

This is at the very peak of our house, way taller than we felt we could repair it ourselves.

We called the pest control people and they said we had to call the Nuisance Nabbers - isn't that a great name!! 
They came and debated how they were going to get to him too, as this is really, really high!  They had to build three levels of scaffolding to reach the shutter.  It was quite nerve wracking to watch because they had nothing to hang on to against the flat house!

He had to work really hard to get the shutter off.  It had been repainted twice and was sealed quite well.

That's a pretty good size hole he made for himself - the little bugger!  The guys repaired it and reinforced it with metal and put in a bird screen.

I highly recommend Calvin who owns the Nuisance Nabbers! 
Oh and guess what? 
The woodpecker was back that afternoon!  It's been a couple of weeks now and he still comes at least twice a day.  He's pounding harder than he ever did to get back in.  From inside the house it sounds like he's coming through the wall!  He's determined to get through that metal and the screen.  Any bets on whether he will get the job done again??
The joys of living in the wild, wild west! *Ü*

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is a great story! I hope he doesn't dent his little woodpecker beak trying to break in again. Maybe he sees hidden treasures in your attic!

  2. Oh that is funny. What do you have up there in the attic that smells so good he wants to get at? Looks like a costly fix for that little creature.

  3. We had a woodpecker once on the side of our house trying to find a way in. We were advised to hang a tarp where he landed as he would have nothing to grip as he tried to bang away. It worked like a charm. Of course, the spot on our house wasn't nearly as high as yours!!

  4. There is nothing up there but a 2 foot crawl space...and his evacuation was a mere $500! Ouch!!

  5. We ended up re-siding our house with something more impervious to woodpeckers because of woodpecker damage to our cedar siding...holes as big as your fist. They can be super destructive...and expensive!! So sorry!

  6. When you can't beat em join husband built a birdhouse for them where they were pecking and they have nested there for years. It's fun to watch the babies learning to fly!

  7. Wow, that's quite a persistent friend you have there! I like Judy's idea of making his own house, maybe that will help.

    The woodpeckers around us in Phoenix aren't that smart, they peck and peck at houses with aluminum siding (aka, our neighbors house). Apparently the insulation under the siding smells like bugs to them when it heats up in the sun. We've even heard them pecking at metal lamp posts. Crazy Birds! LOL

  8. I can't help wonder if perhaps he is a she and it left a nest full of eggs it's desperately trying to get back to. Too bad it can't be caught and relocated. Wonder why it picked your attic to make it's home. Maybe there's a way to make your attic less inviting so it will stop making all the racket.
    Three levels of scaffolding looks pretty horrifying, to me anyway as I have a dreadful fear of heights. Thank goodness for the pros! Nuisance Nabbers sure is a clever name. TFS!

  9. Rest assured Michelle,, there was no sign of anything in the attic, not even any sticks. The guys were actually a little surprised!

  10. We've got Gila woodpeckers here in the Phoenix area, and they love to perch on the metal chimney cap of the fireplace flue and rat-a-tat-tat away on that. They are quite territorial and have learned that the sound carries further that way. Fortunately it's not destructive. Thank goodness I was forewarned before I spent several nights alone in an eerily empty house when we bought it or I would have been more than startled!

  11. Around here the farmers suggest hanging Mylar type streamers to scare the birds. When the sunlight hit them and reflects off it looks like fire. Also, streamers are quiet. Good luck :)

  12. Around here the farmers suggest hanging Mylar type streamers to scare the birds. When the sunlight hit them and reflects off it looks like fire. Also, streamers are quiet. Good luck :)