Friday, August 11, 2017

Fun Stampers Journey Ink Pads 20% off this Month!

Many of you have asked, what is fusion ink?  
It is a fusion between pigment and dye ink and creates the most amazing impression with your stamps.  It looks like a regular stamp pad, but the product is quite different.

Let’s talk ink in general...
Dye Inks are permanent and translucent and have a thin consistency like water so they tend to dry quickly. You can’t color in dye based stamped images with paint, markers, pens or other water-based mediums because the ink will run together. You can, however, use colored pencils. Many dye-based inks are acid-free, however the color fades over time, especially in sunlight. Dye inks have a felt-based stamp pad. Ink pads should be stored upside-down to keep the ink on the surface of the pad. 

Pigment Inks are opaque and have a thicker, richer consistency than dye-based ink and take longer to dry. Pigment inks are usually brighter and more vibrant and are fade-resistant. They are perfect to use with heat embossing powders to create a glossy effect. Pigment inks have a foam-based stamp pad. Ink pads are usually very juicy so should be stored right side up so you don’t get an inky mess.

 With our True Color Fusion Inks you have the best of the two worlds. Our ink pads have the vibrant ink and archival features of pigment and the ease of use and fast drying characteristics of dye inks. True Color Fusion Inks are fade resistant and acid-free. This combination makes our ink pads the best on the market today. True Fusion Color Inks will become permanent when stamped on glass, fabric, wood, plastic, metal and clay when heat set. 

Introducing True Color Fusion Ink

Care and Use of Fusion Ink

I've been using fusion ink pads on all projects posted to this blog since the end of May.  I could not be happier!  No sagging in the middle with larger stamps, no lines or inconsistencies with reinking, you do not have to store them upside down, they are really quite perfect and I know you will love them!
See all fusion ink pads HERE.

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  1. Your inks sound amazing! So disappointed that I just discovered there was an RG Presents event in San Jose and I missed it by only a few days - RATS! Please let us know if they or you ever come to SJ again! So happy for you and your new business adventure ^_^

    1. I was so surprised that you weren't there, KT. I was hoping to see you. Will be in Sacramento on the 18th if you're feeling like a road trip.

  2. Becky, I'm from Idaho and I was wondering why I never heard of you????? I sold stamps for awhile also but they have come a long way since then!!!!!!! If you ever come to Michigan, where I am living now and really missing Idaho, Please let me know, In would love to meet you!!!!!!