Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Birthday Cheeto and Crafty Deals!

Our rescue kitty, Cheeto, turned 2 on July 1st.  We've had her just a little over a month and she has been such an awesome addition.
I used my new Ellen Hutson Essentials Letterboard to create her can never have too many letterboard sets!
I like this one because it is bigger and more full card size.

I paired it with the Ellen Hutson Essentials Latte Love set that has the kitties.  The kitties are actually supposed to be used in the coffee cup as latte foam art, but they were perfect for this too.

 Cheeto in her birthday hat!

She's is a tiny little thing and is so curious.  She fears nothing and no one and will jump into anything.  Hasn't been a dull moment since she moved in!

I've had these little glasses on my shelf for years, they were from my favorite doll growing up...and perfect Cheeto size!  Isn't that adorable!

Here are a couple crafty sales this holiday...

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1 comment :

  1. Love the card & love the kittie, my 2 year old red tabby rescue Ms. Ollie sends her a big happy birthday hello.