Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Everyday Purse As A Candy Bar Wrapper

The Everyday Purse Bundle can be used as a candy bar wrapper too!  
It is very similar to how I made it into a memory album only I cut the center down to 1/2".  You would cut it as wide as the candy bar you are wrapping.

Complete the entire purse by adding handles, embellishments and all the cute things.  This one uses patterned paper.  The black line dividing the two patterns is actually a handle piece and is attached on the sides only, so the bottom portion is a pocket.

I added personalization to the candy bar with an alphabet.

The back side lower area is glued on, no pocket for the back.

These two I made for Valentine's gifts.  They make fun little gifts anytime for any occasion. Cute for party favors too!

 A collaboration project with Concord & 9th and Becky Roberts

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  1. Could you please post a photo of how a gift card fits in the purse when it is made as a purse, not a card?

    1. Karen, When you make the purse as it is intended, it has sides that create a little box between the front and back and that's where you can put a small gift or gift card.