Friday, October 22, 2021

Idaho Custom Creations November Tiered Tray Kit & New Signs

You better grab a cup of coffee because there are a LOT of pictures to look at in this post.
It's Christmastime at Idaho Custom Creations and I been painting up a storm!  I love that the November Tiered Tray kit is very traditional and the pieces can be used for regular decor as well as for tiered trays...but if you don't have a tiered tray, you need one. 😍

My tray is from Felt Creative Home Goods and can be purchased HERE
 I have this brown one and a white one.

As a reminder, the kit comes unfinished and with everything you need to complete it, including paint.  It is a monthly subscription through Idaho Custom Creations.  Michelle owns the company, I just paint for her and enjoy all her products!
She offers the subscription kit as well as regular products for sale in her shop, and she takes custom orders. There is literally nothing the woman can't do!

A couple close ups of the this months pieces.

Everyone loves a FREEBIE and if you subscribe to 
the kit, you get one every single month! 
This time is an ornament and it's so pretty!  It comes with the bead and twine too.

New Interchangeable Sign Inserts
Three of them this month.
These are not part of the subscription, just products for sale in the store.

The inserts are sized to fit Idaho Custom Creations Interchangeable Sign.  
If you want to get started, you will need the Starter Kit that includes the sign and ribbon.

The November inserts are super cute!  I used a stamping stencil with paint for the polka dots.

Two New Holiday Signs
These are not part of the subscription, just products for sale in the store.

This sign would be perfect for the door.  It comes unfinished, is approx 9-1/2" x 11" and has two holes for hanging.

Home For The Holidays
 This sign comes unfinished, is about 11" and has two holes for hanging.
This one is my favorite, it would be cute in or on a wreath.

Well, I told you, lots of photos!  I love Christmas and it made me so happy painting all these pieces.
I have two fun and whimsical Christmas trays to show you next month, I'm so excited!

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