Thursday, December 1, 2022

You Make Me Feel Right At Home

A few weeks ago I made three tiered tray cards for my friend Britney who owns Felt Creative Home Goods, the store where I get my tiered trays, risers and letter boards.  
She sells three colors of trays, brown, black and white, so I made one of each color card and sent them to her.  She made the most beautiful reel on Instagram with a heart touching message.  You just never know what a handmade card will do for someone!

This is one of three cards I sent her, the one with a black tray.
You can view her reel on my Instagram profile here and then click on the pink highlight bubble, Tiered Tray.

I am having the most fun seeing all the cards you have been making and posting!  Don't forget to tag me if you post to social media!

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