Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ever had a day like this?

I started my day quite calmly and quietly in my hidey-hole making a hostess gift for tonight's party. I died one of the large flowers from the Pretties Kit in Groovy Guava, let it dry and proceeded to stamp on it with the Friend By Definition stamp set and the Chocolate Chip pad. Instead of turning the stamp over, somehow I turned the flower over...and all the words are now firmly place in ink BACKWARDS!!!!! Since my hostess is a school teacher, I thought I better not try to use it on her gift! I started over by stamping Groovy Guava on a regular white Pretties flower with much more success. Then right behind my head I heard this loud crash...and dammit if my shelf didn't break and everything fell off! I thought for a minute it was a California earthquake flashback! Missing from this picture are the 500 brads I had to pick up under the pile and about 100 binder rings and tons of business cards and thumbtacks, etc., etc.


  1. What an adorable project! I hate it when I have to re-do something! Oh, and having to pick up after things being spilled, well I have a mischievous cat who can actually open my library card catalog drawers that I store stamping supplies in, which he likes to get into and "borrow" stuff. Like my paintbrushes or sponges! I've tried to be more clever than him and move drawers around because he hasn't realized that every drawer might hold a treasure! I sometimes come home to quite a mess when he gets in them looking for treasures! The goofball. Have a great weekend! Jackie

  2. Sorry you had a little mishap but your project turned out great!!

  3. I'm probably too late this time - but a tip for the future - if you stamped in classic ink on your pretties you can just run them under cool water and it will all wash away - then hit it with your heat tool to dry it and you're ready to go again! - Trish

  4. You are a TRUE CRAFTER. Only we crazy camera moms grab our CAMERAS after a tragedy! One time my infant son had DOG FOOD in his mouth. Do I run to help him get the dog food out of his mouth? NOOOOOO, I run for the camera! LOL We crafters are a sick breed.
    I SO ENJOY your blog and hope to meet you at conventin!!!!
    ~Lorri :)