Friday, August 8, 2008

Stampin' Up!'s Beautiful Home Office

The Legacy Room in the home office is a place to showcase Stampin' Up!'s history of where they've been and how far they come. Very impressive improvement in the past 20 years and a solid future and plan to move forward. Stampin' Up! realizes the importance of trends, even setting trends and the value of the internet and also our scary economy and is doing all they can to help us suceed and make Stampin' Up! products available to everyone. They are and will continue to branch out into Home Decor, Art and any other medium that rubber stamping can enhance. There is no end in sight for all the possibilities you can do with rubber stamping!
There are also little room vignettes set up displaying how you can best show Stampin' Up! products in your own home. This one I particularily love because it shows how you can incorporate products into your home decor ;o)
Pictures of the Stampin' Up! home office in Riverton, UT. What a beautiful place to work! Can you imagine coming through the front door each day and seeing that huge waterfall. The sound was so peaceful and could that NOT inspire creativity?? There are tables and chairs all around it for employees to eat lunch or take breaks.

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