Monday, April 13, 2009

So Much Going On!

It's been super busy around here!. I have lots going on...some I can't share till August *Ü* !!!! No worries though, I have lots for you to see today.
First up, I've been fortunate enough to add three new ladies to my group this month! I made Jan Tink's wonderful Carousel Purses for each of them. You can see her instructions here.

I used The new Carousel Notes & Envelopes in Baja Breeze, Ruby Red and Kiwi Kiss. Bloomin' Beautiful and Absolutely Fabulous Stamp Sets, lots of punches and Urban Oasis DSP.
Then there is Nicholas, again.......
Thursday evening during baseball practice, the baseball bounced out of his glove and hit him in the face. Yep, it broke his nose!!!!! We made a trip to the Emergency Room where the Dr. reset his nose. Nicholas was so brave because if it didn't hurt bad enough before, man, did it hurt after that Dr. got done! He was in some serious pain. I gave him a little kiss when we got home and I love his body language with his hand...'don't touch it mom'!!!!
Of course I had to take lots of pictures before we took him to the ER! ☺

Never one to stay down...the next evening was the opening game of the season and my little pitcher was center stage! He did fantastic...I love how his little tongue always sticks out when he pitches!
Happy Easter!

Bright and early Easter morning!
We actually celebrate Holy Pascha next Sunday on Greek Easter but I always do Easter baskets for the boys on traditional Easter so they don't feel left out.


  1. Nicholas and my son are very much alike, you can tell when they are working hard because.... their tounges stick out!! lol Glad to know my guy is not alone!! Hope his nose heals fast.

  2. LOVE those Jan Tink bags. I've made a couple. That woman is genius...just like you!! I'm hoping to make your tote this excited.

    I'm really sorry about your son! That is AWFUL!

  3. Great pics! I love the purse what a cool idea.

  4. Love your carousel purses, I need to make some more of these!! Your pics of the kids are awesome, TFS! *STAMPIN HGUS* Alex

  5. Oh...your poor little guy...OWE!!! What a good mom though to take pictures in his moment of weakness! HA! Hope he gets well soon.
    Love the purses...always great work!

  6. Yikes! Poor Nicholas! Sounds like he's a pretty tough kiddo!

    From the looks of those Easter baskets, I know where I'll be next Easter! WOW!

    The scrapbook purses are ADORABLE! The new demos will LOVE them!!!!

  7. LOVE your project. I'm going to get mine made right away now!

    The picture of you and your son is simply PRICELESS. Sorry to hear of his little injury. Both of my boys start baseball this evening..welcome spring!!


    oh and poor Nicholas hope he heals SUPER fast! (((HUGS)) to him too!

  9. GOJUS!!! I love how yours turned out!

  10. Awww, your poor son! Hope his nose is feelin better! :o(
    Just wanted to say what cuties on Easter morning with thier "bedheads"... precious moments these are.
    Mine are 23. 21 & 17. *insert sad face with bottom lip curled out* So enjoy them!!! Hugs!

  11. Love your carousel purses, I need to make some more of these!!
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    channels - and keep it there until 2010!