Sunday, August 9, 2009

Convention Was A Blast!!

I don't even know where to begin... convention was absolutely fantastic this year! I'm exhausted from all the new information and ideas!!
I will be going through my notes in the next few days and sharing all sorts of information with you, but today I'm just going to skim the highlights of a few wonderful friends I met up with.
We were off to a rocky start when Eric decided I should probably not leave him for the week. The kids were just fine with it but he wasn't so pleased! It about broke my heart...he just doesn't understand how important and exciting convention is!!!!!
I met Kim at the airport and we roomed together again this year. Let me tell you, that girl LOVED the zebra suitcase gift I made for her. She brought me some beautiful gifts as well and I'll get to posting those in a day or two.
-Convention Boards-

I posted the photos of the cards I made for the convention boards during the days I was away, and while that was all fine and wonderful to be asked to stamp for the company...I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it was to see your things on the boards with all the other amazing stampers who were chosen this year!!! Above is a sampling of what the actual boards look like when complete.
-My Catty Cruise Mates-
There were a few of the Catty Cruise girls there. I had never met any of the other ladies on the cruise, so that was super exciting!! L to R -Connie Collins of Constantly Stamping, me with Linda McClain of Catered Crop in my badge pocket, Brooke Stockman of Designs By Brooke, and Angie Tieman of Schwooo! by Stampin Angie. Congratulations Angie on your Artisian Award achievement!! Thank you Brooke for thoughtfully bringing Linda to convention...she had a great time!

-Dirk, THE Photographer!-

When I posted the photo of the little bottles of personalized M&M, I got a comment from a lady who said: Those are so fun! I've always wanted an excuse to order some of these. Cute cute idea. Now just go find the crazy curly-haired photographer, give him one, and tell him it's for his wife. ;) lol So I did!!

I knew exactly who she was talking about since I have watched this man with endless energy run from place to place and all through the crowd taking pictures for Stampin' Up! It was pretty funny when I approached him. He said my wife is going to be SOOOO happy! Then he took off real quick and returned a few moments later with Laura, his darling wife and new demonstrator. Laura it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you throughly enjoyed your first convention!!

-Those Friends of Mine-
Then there was those friends of mine..... Nancy Riley and Lorri Heiling. They followed me everywhere!!!!!! Just wait till you see where they showed up in the next few days of posting, I couldn't get rid of them! Here they are fighting for MY reserved seat!
Then...I am minding my own business trying to get a little (OK, a LOT) of shopping done at Momento Mall and there they are.... hiding out in one of the main displays, right there in the front of the door where 3000 people are trying to get in.... have they no shame?? They seemed to be getting a lot of attention everywhere they went!

Inspire Create Share, the tag line for Stampin' Up! and this years convention. Banners and photo opportunities were everywhere!! It was indeed inspiring and creative and no other company is willing to share like this one!
Wouldn't you LOVE to have this much fun?? What are you waiting for.... right NOW, Stampin' Up! is offering a $85.00 Mini Starter Kit special and YOU too can share in the fun of convention and all the amazing things Stampin' Up! offers their demonstrators. There is nothing like it!
I would love to have you join my Inking Everything team!
Be back soon with more fun things to share!


  1. Oh my gosh I WAS THERE!!!! And I thought I was dreaming! I am literally laughing out loud right now....showing your CREATIVENESS over and over.....NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!! You are a HOOT!Thanks for taking me to CONVENTION!!!!

    Love ya girlfriend!


  2. How fun, Becky!! Glad you had a GREAT time this year! I do hope I can go next year!!
    Thanks for sharing the fun pictures! Congrats on all your work being on display! VERY exciting for sure!

  3. I've got tears coming down my face from laughter! Becky, you are too much! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking Lorri and I along to convention with you! That's got to be the closest I've ever gotten to the main event! It means the world to me! You are one incredible friend!!!! Big 'ol cyber hugs ....

  4. your projects are amazing becky. congrats on being one the "chosen ones."

    what a cute idea having your friends stalk you throughout convention. too funny.

    thanx for sharing ~ xoxo

  5. LOL, I feel so famous, being mentioned on your great blog!! :) Thanks again, it was so great to meet you!

  6. "Hey! It's Becky Roberts!" LOL! So glad to have finally met you in person, Becky. Looks like you had a fun convention - be sure to keep in touch!

  7. sniff,sniff.. I couldn't find you!! WAAAAAAAAAA did you see me in front maybe??(pony tail) I was one of the nuts dancing like a mad woman in the AM !!! lol.. OHHHH I so was asking everyone WHERE IS BEEECKKKKYYY!!! Convention was such a blast I didn't want it to end!! ((((HUGS))).. Now working hard for you know what!!! hehehehee

  8. it's no surprise to me that you were chosen as a display stamper. My downline rely on your tutorials and tell me all the time about your talent! I've logged on to your blog, and i'm sure I'll be on there getting your tutorials soon!

    Thanks for sharing your artwork with all of us!

  9. Hey Becky, I looked all over convention for you! One of my favorite people has made alot of your tutorials, Any way I told her I would swap with you and get an autograph for her scrap book! Well I never found you! Darn it!
    I 'm so glad you had fun. I sure did too! Next time I'll put her face on a stick and bring her too,and she can meet you in paper person! love your stuff CONGRATS!!!

  10. Becky!
    I am so glad I go to meet you in person finally! You are even more beautiful and awesome in person... What a down to earth person... So glad you still love me after our last Catty Cruse... I will treasure my little bottle of M&M's for ever...

    How cool that you were chosen to make projects for the board... THANK YOU we all loved having more ideas for the "What I Love set".. Thanks for bring Lori and Nancy glad we could meet them LOL...

    Brooke "ROBERTS" Stockman

  11. Just wanted to say thanks for saying HI and for the darling little gift!!! You are so sweet!!! Patty