Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Massive Sea of Backpacks!

I somehow got myself assigned to Teacher Appreciation for Nicholas' school this year! I knew all summer I was going to make backpacks of chocolates for the teachers on their first day back to school, but as usual put it off and ended up making them all this weekend...and, 40 of them in one day is a lot in case you were interested!!! Why do I do this to myself??
I hope this makes their first Monday back to school a little brighter!

I was so happy to use up some of the In Color papers I still had from last year.
Friday, my sisters and I decided to travel over and visit our little Grandma who is 93 one last time before school starts. Here she is with all her great-grandchildren. Yep, we are a pretty small family!
Top- my sister Cindy's kids, Matthew, (grandma) and Emily. My sister Kerry's son, Cody
Bottom- my boys, Benjamin and Nicholas

These three beautiful Milk Carton Containers were made by Cheryl Wilcox. You can see more details on her
blog here. I {} the Halloween one, Cheryl!!
Razzleberry Lemonade Designer Series Paper

Cast A Spell Designer Series Paper

Bella Bleu Designer Series Paper


  1. OMGosh!! That's alot of backpacks. The are just to cute. I just love the carton project too!

  2. I love every one of these. Could I please spotlight you on my blog? Sherrill Graff

  3. As a teacher about to return to work tomorrow, I LOVE these backpacks and would love to receive one on my 1st day back. All those teachers getting one will LOVE them!


  4. Becky, you are an amazing woman!
    What teacher/classroom wouldn't be thrilled to kickoff their school year with your gift. Nice job!

  5. That is a lot of backpacks in a day! I am glad that you got it done and I just know that the teachers will have the best day everytime they see those cuties will bring a smile to their faces.

    Love them!

  6. Becky,
    These are just DARLING! Thank you o much for sharing so much of yourself! Iam going to do a few of these for my teachers back to school gift!

  7. All those backpacks! WOW! You are an awesome mom, that's for sure.

    Love those Milk Cartons by Cheryl and will DEFINITELY be making a Halloween one for my Halloween Freak friend - she'll LOVE it!

  8. The backpacks are absolutely adorable! I'd love to be on of your children's teachers and receive one :) How fun!!

  9. How cute! I see you streamlined the backpacks (left out the outer pockets) - what a great idea! I made one of those last year for my daughter's back to school. Each year I write her a letter for that day - and I have to still figure out what to make to present it in this year;)

  10. Wow, Becky, that's a bunch of backpacks! As a teacher who started last Monday with the kiddos, I'd have loved to get one of those from a student! Being a middle school teacher, we don't get many goodies from our students any more (sigh). Thanks for featuring the milk cartons I made and providing a link to my blog. Have to agree, the Halloween one is my fave, too!

  11. Wow...!!!!!! What a wonderful work!!!


  12. WOW girl...that IS IIINNNSSANE! I was thinking of making cookies NOW I have to go and put them in clear little bags.. CAN NOT LET THEM ABOUT what you did for your teachers! LOL.. (((HUGS)) you ROCK girl I know you will be putting big smiles on those teachers faces for sure!

  13. Great backpacks! Hope the teachers don't read your blog.

  14. Love the backpacks. I do the same thing - know way ahead - but stuff just happens!! Great picture of the great-grandkids with their g-grandma. They are lucky to have the extra generation to know and learn from.

  15. OMGosh you are insane making all those backpacks. I looked at the tutorial awhile ago and thought, ugh I won't even be making ONE of those (let-alone 40!!!!) Now I KNOW you have more hours in the day in Idaho than Arizona!!

    GREAT PROJECTS. Watch out you will be PTO President!

  16. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I think I would have just sat in the middle of my room and blubbered if I had to do that much in one day - LOL. Fabulous job!!!

  17. Those are adorable!! I tried my hand at my first mini backpack this weekend... didn't go too well, lol! You make it look easy! :)

  18. I'm a teacher. Chocolate on first day back would make me HUGELY happy. Instead we got a lecture on how to diagnose swine flu. (Any spare backpacks for me ?!!) XX

    Can you please add the blog for
    Cropping for our Troops on your blog? I can't wait to see what you are sending for the silent auction.

  20. Loving the picture with Grandma... So lucky to still have her....

    You are a NUT that is a lot of backpacks and I am sure you will keep all the fun coming threw-out the school year... This is my Abbie's last year(6th) of grade school :( I am so sad.... But only the 6th and Kindergarten teacher will be getting goodies from us this year...

    Miss ya... I hope all is well.


  21. these are so cute...where can I find the tutorial?