Monday, October 5, 2009

5th Day of Christmas

Day 5

I love suitcases!!! Maybe you've noticed :)
The top suitcase is perfect little gift packaging for a bracelet, earrings or gift card. The larger suitcase is has two compartments for holding the 3x3 note cards and gift tags shown above.
Just like last year, no detailed descriptions will be given in the postings.
Just like last year the complete tutorial of all 12 days will be released of the 12th.
And just like last year the cost will be $12.95 because you are getting 12 projects!


  1. I love your suitcases too! and these will be the prefect size to crank out to give my little gifts to teachers! YOU always make me look so good at school! lol.. ((HUGS))

  2. Day 5..."sigh" waiting for day 12 and the tutorial is getting very hard. These are great! TFS

  3. It is becoming increasingly difficult to wait until 10/12! I can't wait to buy this! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  4. These are wonderful and so clever.