Sunday, December 6, 2009

Open House Photos

Lots of people came by, more than I expected, some I've never even met before which was great! Even some sent on secret spy missions from other demonstrators with instructions to take back the details :) It was all in fun, we all had a great time. Overall it was an awesome day and I think everyone enjoyed stamping, looking around and gathering their goodies.

Thank you to all of you who came out on such a freezing cold day!

Do you want to see the photos?Christmas card, tags, and a few packaging ideas.

Displays of new items coming in January, Sell-a-bration sneak peek and the Days-To-Remember Calendar idea.

My awesome husband and son set up a slide show of all the photos I've taken over the past couple of years of things I have stamped and events I have, I've done a LOT of stamping!! Then they set it to Christmas music and it played on our TV all day. That was so cool!! They are the best...thank you guys, that was an awesome added touch and I appreciate your support and encouragement!

A few of the 2009 Edition 12 Days of Christmas samples.

Traveling Trio, Designer Desk Set, Milk Carton Container and Valentine's Box tutorials.

Purse-onally Perfect Purse Tutorial

Make N Take

Guests made a Christmas Card and the Bitty Box with Ornament tags.

Freebie gift packaging ideas.

A thank you stamp key chain and a 2010 Coupon Book for attending!

Benjamin made cupcakes for everyone.

Nicholas decorated with giant paper snowflakes...I found one taped to the mirror and another hanging from the shower curtain and one in the laundrey room...he was busy while I was getting ready :)!


  1. I love the peek at your event. I wish I could have been there. It is fun that your family was so supportive. Your in-house baker is amazing!

  2. I wish I were close enough to have come, looks like a good time, I'm glad it went well!

  3. Becky what an awesome event. Even though I am a demonstrator, if I lived closer, I'd be there in a nanno second!!!!

    I wish my family was as supportive as yours!

  4. COOL! I wish I lived close enough to attend! What cool ideas (the photos on tv, bow wrapped mirror and cupcakes). You have a great support system!

  5. Looks like an awesome event! Wish I lived close by so I could have come! You have beautiful creations to share! Everyone had to of loved it who came!

  6. Holy Smokes..Sure wish I lived closer as I would of been there.
    You have shared so many WONDERFUL ideas that i can share with my group of friends that I stamp with.
    I look forward to your blog!
    Have a wonderful holiday season!
    Will you be sharing any of your ideas on your blog?

  7. What fantastic photos! Wish I lived close enough to attend.

  8. Looks like I missed a great even Becky (hee hee) well geograpgically I did but I can enjoy it via your blog.
    You were hard at work, that is for sure.
    Benjamen did a fabulous job on the lucky you are to now have the baker in the family; (remember I have the Cake Decorator Drop Out LOL).
    Nicholas, your snowflakes look pretty amamzing, love them.
    I can only imagin how nice it was to have your work on the television with music...fabulous.
    Well Done Becky.

  9. Wow Becky, this looks like it was fun. Great set up. And how lucky were those who attended, and got to eat your son's cakes!

  10. What a great day it was for you & those that attended. Your photos tell it all. Wish I lived closed {Canada}, I would've dropped if for a cupcake!

  11. Hi Becky,
    I, like everyone else, wish I lived near you. I can't imagine anyone missing your events without a darn good reason!
    Any chance you will be posting those free gift packaging ideas on your blog for those of us that can't make it to your house?
    Keep up the great work! (I signed up for the YEBO on U Stamp because of you and your blog. You are amazing!)

  12. Becky,

    Your displays and pictures of the open house were gorgeous - you all did a super job and the set ups were attractive and highlighted the items well. I almost felt like I was there - like everyone else,I wish I could have been, so appreciate your sharing this with us. Glad I have bought some of your things! mary at

  13. Waouhh so beautiful things I can see here and the cupcakes seems to be so delicious.
    -Félicitations au patissier-


  14. Oh my goodness! What an awesome event! I just held my first Open House and it looked very amateur now that I've seen this! So many fantastic ideas... Wonderful!

  15. Looks like it was an awesome event...and I gotta say, I would have come just for one of Benjamin's cupcakes! :-) They look yummy! What talent in your family.

  16. Wish I lived closer! Looks like a wonderful day.

  17. your open house looks awesome. wish i lived nearby to attend.
    thanx for always sharing your talent with everyone.


  18. Becky,
    I want you to come and do an Open House in Montana!!! This looks so good! great job!

  19. Fantastic display! I love the cupcakes! LOVE THEM! I stalk your blog frequently and never comment but saw those yummy cupcakes and had to write. I love the cupcake stand too! I've never seen one that size.
    Barb M

  20. Wow, Becky! AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your talent! 9It looks like lots of it rubbed off on your kiddos, too! How sweet!)


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  22. Becky,
    Looks like your open house was a success ... loved how the entire family paraticipated. Sure wish I lived closer so I could attend. But thanks goodness for the internet ... I love all your projects and tutorials. Here's wishing you much success in 2010 and I look forward to seeing what new ideas you have in store for us!

  23. I seriously love that your son decorates cakes and made cupcakes for your party. Tell him that those cupcakes are fabuloso! And so were your projects. You are my stamping idol. Hey! SCS should start a new show, American Stamping Idol!

  24. Wow, you have been busy! Looks like it was an amazing event. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  25. That looks great! I wish I was in the area :)

  26. The cupcakes are amazing- if there are ever any extra of his creations just ask for my mailing address :)