Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stamp Club Gift Exchange

Here are a few photos from our Stamp Club gift exchange. The rules were that the gift was a $5 maximum because it is all about the wrap!!

Our lovely model, Annette, show off the beautiful gift packaging work by Joyce.

Our lovely model Kristi covers for the lovely Linda who is hiding behind her but showing off the beautiful gift packaging art by Perlene.

And...this is why our lovely model Linda hides behind people! Just kidding Linda, we love you!

Our lovely model Kristi is showing her darling gift from Annette.

Our lovely model Joyce shows off her clever gift packaging from Karen.

Our lovely model Kristi volunteers to show off her gift packaging for Perlene who couldn't make it Friday night. We hope you are feeling better Perlene, we miss you!

Our lovely model Karen shows the gift packaging from me :)

Here's the box made with Brocade Blue cardstock and the Simple Seasonal Thanks snowman.

Another picture of our lovely model Karen so you can see the beautiful Delightful Decorations gift bag to her right that was made by Linda for ME! Evidently when you hand the camera to others, the photos don't always turn out :) Maybe it was just me...just saying!


  1. What great gift packaging! A very talented group. Your's was outstanding to say the least.

  2. Looks like fun was had by all, thanks so much for all your time and input,your ideas and help is so much appreciated.
    I'm sure you and others already use the idea but, when I need a quick holder for 'inbetween'I recycle an envelope from junk-mail. Just make a Bag-a-lope bottom, saves time and cheap.

  3. Looks like a fun time Becky. Great looking packages too ladies...Well DOne!

  4. Do you have the directions for the snowman box posted somewhere?