Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's My Day On UStamp Again!

UStamp 'with love...2010' is going on right now and today, my 2nd contribution for the month is being shown.
This session of UStamp ends on February 14th but it's never too late to join! The site stays up for a long time and you can have access to all the daily projects for some time to come. You can sign up here to join in on the fun!

I love this project...of course, I love anything that is a purse!
The pattern, directions and all details can be found on UStamp with Dawn and Friends. Come join us!
Edited to Add: There was a tiny mix-up and this will actually be posted on UStamp tomorrow. Consider this a sneak peek! :)


  1. Your projects are so fun. Often I will think I don't want a stamp set, then I see how you use it and I have to have it! Your work is reason I joined Ustamp. Amy Reinhardt

  2. OH this is one set project! Love it!! Rock on Girl :)

  3. Becky-

    If that isn't the cutest bag I've ever seen! What an awesome coordinating set!

    Your work is amazing. I love your blog and always look forward to your posts:)

  4. LOVE the bag Becky - can't wait for it to be posted on the UStamp site. Your work is amazing and if it wasn't enough for me to join UStamp because of Dawn....You were the confirmation that I just had to be part of UStamp. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Kadie in Arizona

  5. Oh, My Goodness! I just have to have this set! My daughter would love to get this. Okay... off to join UStamp.. you did it to me again, Becky!! LOL

  6. Hi becky,

    This is drop dead gorgeous !!
    I would love a real life bag just like that.
    Janette x

  7. Becky,
    Oh this sneak peak is just too much! Alright at least now I can have most equipment ready to make it straight away.
    I love it!

  8. I am lovin' all the red!!!
    The project is beautiful.

    Connie :)

  9. That is fabulous Becky; I can imagine it is the prettiest project for the online class. You are so talented, so created. Well Done!

  10. I was so inspired Becky by your awesome project I just had to make my own but unforuntately I dont have those pretty papers but I improvised shall we say and came up with an Urban Garden version. Thanks for sharing your talents once again with us :)

  11. OMG!!! That is SO stinkin' CUTE, I LOVE it!! ;)... you're the BEST!!!

  12. What a fun project! Please check out my blog candy and color combo challenge at:

  13. Hi Becky,

    I can't afford to join UStamp right now. So I was wondering if you were going to see the tutorial for this on your website?