Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends, Friends, Friends!

The very best part of convention is the friends!! I have so much fun meeting up with old friends and making new friends and seeing other peoples friends. Ü
This is a not so great picture of us on the rock at the Riverton Home Office. The wind was so strong that day! We asked some unsuspecting man walking around the campus on his lunch hour to take a picture of us. He was a little surprised when 4 ladies ran up to him!! Left to right is me, Kim (BFF), Jacque and Denise.

As it turns out, Jacque and Denise are doorbell ditchers! One of them would hold the elevator while the other one knocked on the door, left a gift and ran! These are the three gifts they left, one each day. It was so fun and so thoughtful of them. Thank you!!

BFF and I met Jenn Picard on line and have been chatting for months. We made arrangements to meet at convention and she was everything we knew she would be and more! We had so much fun laughing and getting better acquainted! Jenn was an Artisian Award finalist this year (yeah Jenn!) and was traveling with her friend Natasha who was taking the photo. Left to right, Jenn, me, Linda (who I kept calling Carolyn! sorry Linda!), Lorri Heiling and Kim (BFF).
Jenn is from Canada and brought BFF and I each a box of Canadian goodies. The 'real' Smarties are to-die-for yummy!!
This is Melanie. She works for Stampin' Up!. Last year when I stamped for convention boards, Mel was the one putting the boards together and I got to meet her. You know how sometimes you just click with someone? Well Melanie and I have clicked!!! I just love her! I couldn't wait to see her at Leadership and again at convention this year. Melanie is THE seamstress for SU! You know all those fabric samples we saw at convention? Mels' works of art!

Perhaps you have heard me talk about Lorri Heiling...duh! like every other day!! Lorri actually wears a halo. I know you can't see it this the picture but this beautiful lady is an angel on earth. That's all I'm going to say because those of you who know her, know exactly what I'm talking about! It was so fabulous to meet up with her again!!
Lorri is an absolutely awesome stamper. Her creativity is amazing as you've seen on my blog and she always bring the bestest swaps !! These are her cards above and below is her I-don't-even-know-how-to-describe-how-darling-it-is Stampers Tool Box!!
You can see it closer on her blog HERE. The lipstick compact opens up to a circle Post-It note and mirror . That girl is OVER THE TOP!!! Yes Lorri, that was me yelling at YOU this time!! Love ya!
Not only did I get to re-meet Diana Gibbs (after our disastrous first impression on each other at Leadership), I got to hang with her and her BFF Tracy! We celebrated her surprise victory to Founders Circle (GO DI GO!!), hung out at Linda Hansen's event where she was the make-n-take designer and thoroughly enjoyed her Main Stage stamping demonstration which she aced! She was on fire this convention...maybe you can get a nap in now Di!! Ü hey MAMMa, hey Rhonda, hey Tracy!
My blog has brought me many, many wonderful blessing and people into my life... like this beautiful lady right here pictured with BFF and I, Sue. Sue and I made arrangements to meet at convention this year and I think I have a friend for life! I just loved every minute with her, and we kept having lots of them!!! We would probably have more if she would learn to text faster Ü Just kidding ya Sue!!
Sue brought me these beautiful gifts. Funny, but you don't see the chocolate here, do ya?? Thank you Sue and I sooo look forward to seeing you again!
I met lots of blog friends that I've not met before. This is a hand knit dish cloth from Debbie and a beautiful necklace from Jen. Thank you ladies for your kind gifts! The back of the necklace is a Scrabble game piece with the letter B on it. Jen, I'll bet you didn't even know that we play Scrabble at least 3 times a week here! My kids thought that was SO cool!!
I really love meeting blog friends. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me thank you and to share your feelings. It means so much!
Ok, that was a long post. More fun to share tomorrow!


  1. BWAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! These pictures make me so sad !!! I sooooooo missed you guys !!! Hopefully I'll see you all in January at Leadership !!!

    The projects that you guys gave each other are absolutely amazing !!!!

    Love ya...miss ya...

  2. I look forward to your posts. I'm just a new demonstrator and at this point do it within a close circle of friends. I hope to maybe someday make enough to make it to convention. It's a long trek from Nova Scotia. Nice to see that Canadian it!! My sister is in Utah for the summer and had to have some mailed to her. Have you ever had ketchup chips?? They are awesome too!!!

  3. Hey girlfriend,
    Disastrous first meeting? You mean where we were both so nervous to meet each other and didn't know the other person was in awe? Where I quickly said "hi" and excused myself to the bathroom, the whole time saying to my BFF. "that was Becky Roberts, Inking Idaho...OMG!!!"
    Now we know we are just regular gals and I am so glad I got to know you are your BFF better. I can't wait for Leadership...oh yeah and then cruise, where I will take the bestest care of your BFF. Love ya, ~Di

    P.s. Hey the word verification is truster....use it in a sentence: Becky will trust-er BFF with Diana in Alaska...mwah!!!

  4. If you love scrabble you would love the game Go Banannas. Each player has their own crossword tile game going on against each other. Thanks for the pics of convention!

  5. Hi, Becky - Great photos and looked like you had a wonderful time at convention!

    Quick question for you about today's post...

    In the photo with the Smarties, there is a box with the Friends Never Fade paper/stamp set.

    Can you please tell me more about it (size, purpose, etc) - and if there is a template somewhere to make it? THANKS!

  6. What beautiful projects. It looks like it was a lot of fun. But most importantly ... I adore Smarties! Real Smarties. I have not had any in so long. Please think of me when you savor each one!

  7. Hi Becky. It was so good to finally meet you and hang with you and Jen for a few minutes Friday night. I love your work and your sense of humor. I wish I had done more with my dishcloth tag since you put it on your blog! I want to crawl under the table! Hope to stay in touch with you over this next year and spend more time with you, Jen, Di next year! Oh and thanks so much for my Owl post it note keychain. I love it.

  8. That whole BFF thing is really nauseating. You have a friend, we get it. Looks like you're about 55 years old and still calling someone BFF. That's really...immature, and sort of retarded too.

  9. I am from Canada and when I went to McDonalds in Florida I asked for a Smarties McFlurry. The guy wasn't sure what I wanted. I remembered then what "your" Smarties are. It's what we call rockets. Make no wonder the guy thought I was weird to want sugar candy in my ice cream. Yes, the "real" Smarties are awesome! I think they changed their ingredients/recipe in the past few years though. They used to be even better!

    To "The Super Seven", yes it's a long treck from NS, but it sure is worth it! I went to convention for my first time this year and I went from NL.

  10. Love it got a real laugh out of the 'smarties' we too have the real smarties here in OZ but I must say that after living in Canada for 3 years and having the smarties there ours are way better. Nice to see Cadbury as well.