Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Vacation Photos and New Handbags

The first thing we did when we came across the Golden Gate Bridge is head to the zoo. It has been three long years since I've seen my animals and I was anxious to visit them again. We've been zoo members forever and went frequently, so that was something I was really missing. I knew the Gorilla had a new baby and it was so cute to see him playing out there. He was actually swinging around and around his mamas leg, but this photo looks kind of... weird. Ü He was doing summer salts and jumping and showing off for everyone!

The bears were in rare form too. They were playing in the water with a red ball. Then they lost the ball and just started wrestling. If you hadn't been there for the playing part it would have been kind of scary to see, but they weren't interested in eating anybody...that day!

Zebra wasn't interested in talking to me, he wouldn't even turn around...and he knew it was me standing there. Probably mad cuz I moved away!
This picture is for you BFF! Ü

The boys at Union Square.
Silver man was still at the wharf doing his robot thing. It's really quite impressive and he loves to have his pictures taken...for a price! :)

Then there was this sign George made me put my face in. But I decided to show you because it fits right in with the new promotion for past demonstrators to rejoin. Come on, you can do it! For just $35 you can rejoin Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up! has a great deal for former demonstrators to return to the Mothership! For just $35 you can rejoin Stampin' Up!. The kit does not include any stampin' stuff since you probably have all that, just the catalogs and paperwork you need to get started again:

2010-2011 Idea Book & Catalog (8)
2010 Summer Mini Catalog (8)
Guest invitation postcards (100)
Customer order forms (50)
2010-2011 Definitely Decorative catalog (1)
Celebrando Creatividad (1)
Two months free Demonstrator Business Web Services (DBWS) subscription

For just $35, wouldn't you love to give it another try? Come on, join my team, we will do it together!

E-mail me if you have any questions,
With a brand new catalog to share with your friends and family, this is the perfect time to sign up with Stampin' Up!
Another set of Tres Chic Handbags. I just love these!! They are so easy and quick to make. And for a little clarification, the handbags are small and I describe them as gift card size. However the handbag isn't gift card size, the box inside the handbag is. The handbags are about card front size before handles...still quite small in comparison to the other purses I've done. In the tutorial, the patterns can be reduced or enlarged to fit your needs.


  1. we have so many animal "butt pictures" rofl... love the texture on the purses!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Awww!! I was a member of the SF Zoo for years and lived in the Sunset, bike riding distance from the zoo and would head over all the time!! I do have an incredible zoo here in St. Louis so now I have new animal friends! Thanks for the zebra photo, they are soooo beautiful!!! Of course the purses are beautiful too!!!

  3. I hope you mean the zebra itself and not its a__ __? I love you Becky! You should have told her it was for me and she would have smiled!

  4. Ummmm...was the gorilla having the paper right there? What a picture!

    See you soon!


  5. oh my God can you tell what is on my mind, I said paper and not baby.....yowza!


  6. THe Silver man was there when I lived in Fremont 21 years ago. . . he charged then too.

  7. You know, I'd visit your blog even if I wan't a stamper. Thanks for another fun "visit".

  8. Becky:

    FYI: when you were at the zoo, you were 1/2 a mile from my