Sunday, October 10, 2010

10th Day of Christmas

Day 10

File Folder Gift Organizer

Every year I make some sort of holiday organizer. This year I decided to make file folders and a little box to keep myself organized!

I had my kids write a list of their wishes to put it on the outside for easy viewing. The card on the inside is where I will write what I have gotten and what I need to buy as well as keep receipts and coupons.

Just a reminder that we are on Day 10 of 12 days of previews. The12 Days of Christmas 2010 edition tutorial will be released on Tuesday, October 12th.


  1. I cannot wait to purchase this set, you have outdone yourself this time!...Love everything!


  2. Becky me too...I am so excited to get started on Christmas projects. The twelfth cannot get here fast enough.

    Have you ever decided to do the same thing for Halloween? I'd love that too!!!!

  3. Becky,
    I love your blog and all the things you have! I read your blog every day. I can hardly wait to purchase your 12 days of Christmas!

    Janet Doll

  4. that's a great idea! I think I need to make one to use all year round and keep a list of Christmas presents I've bought and for who so I don't rebuy.

  5. I have loved all of the days so far! You have come up with some pretty exciting projects! I am like the Mervyn's commercials waiting outside saying.."open, open,open!" Can't wait for tuesday!

  6. Becky ...your ideas are absolutely wonderful. I really like this one!
    Where does all that creativity come from?

  7. Becky..Outstanding projects once again..Can't wait til the 12th.I look forward to your blog on a daily basis.
    Thanks Becky for all your shares.

  8. Love this idea and hope it will help keep me organized--I have a problem with hiding gifts and then not finding them till after Christmas. I can write down where I hide them!! TFS