Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Boxes

I thought while I was making the stamp club projects I would make a stack of boxes like Patti Lee. She made the cutest Halloween tower and gave her measurements for the box which I will pass along to you.

Bottom box: 7" x 7", score on all side 2". Finished box size is 3" x 3"

I would like to address some of the questions I've received today regarding my Stamp Club projects. Thank you for your wonderful comments and e-mails!! These projects are just for my local Stamp Clubs. I post them so the girls can see ahead of time what they will be making.
Will you do this class through the mail? Not at this time.
Becky, what is the cost for this class? This is for their club and is not really a class. They have a monthly commitment to each other to place an order with a minimum amount until each person has had a chance to host one month. Plus they have a project fee.
Do members know ahead of your postings what they will be making? No...I don't even know Ü We always work a month or two ahead of a holiday, that is a given. For example, we made Halloween projects in Sept., Fall projects in October and have Nov and Dec for Christmas Projects. We will do Valentine's in January, etc.
How many do you have in a club? I try to keep it under 10 but one of my clubs has more.
How long is your stamp club each month? I assume you are asking time...we meet at 6:30 and are usually done by 9-9:30.

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  1. This project is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the measurements, and thanks to patti lee for starting this. So cute for any occassion. TFS