Friday, November 5, 2010

Mini Pocket Books

There are fewer things in this world I love more than getting great pictures of my kids! I know, spoken like a mother...well, it's the truth! I had a fabulous photographer in California and thought I would never be able to replace him in Idaho...oh how wrong I was, seriously wrong!!!

I will tell you all about her but first I want to show you my new little treasure. I made one of my Mini Pocket Books with my new photos.
Mini Pocket Book tutorial can be found HERE.

These little books are made out of one 12 x 12 piece of Designer Series Paper.

You can make all pages with tags in the pockets or you can switch it up like I did on this one and use some as pages and some as pockets.

I asked the boys to take their favorite thing to have a picture made with. Can you believe my husband thought that was the dumbest thing I ever thought of??? I told him that I would have loved to have a photo with my favorite things at some point in my growing up and I know they will look back on these photos and say, 'oh, remember when the iPhone or iPad was ...'

My mother was a teenager when pantyhose were invented and she and her sisters have pictures of them in their new pantyhose and I think that is one of the coolest pictures in collection. I love that kind of nostalgic stuff...that is why we scrapbook, right? For the MEMORIES!!!

You can find the tutorial for the Mini Pocket Book HERE if you would like to make for yourself.

I'd like to tell you about my fantastic photographer, Brenda Mallaburn. Brenda is absolutely amazing! First, she is English and has the best accent. I know you girls across the pond are laughing at me! The boys loved it when she said, "Don't even think of moving, I love it, perfect pose!" in her darling accent. They felt like movie stars with her constant affirmations!
She has so much fun taking her photos and has such a unique perspective through her lens. She is very engaging and focused (ha, ha, literally!) and gets exactly what she want with every picture. Brenda is an international photographer and will travel anywhere you need her. You can view her website HERE.
Brenda truly loves her work....wanna see some of it?

These are four of over a hundred photos she took. Aren't they amazing??? The photos not the boys...OK, the boys are pretty amazing too...tee-hee!
You can e-mail Brenda at or contact her through her website highlighted above.


  1. Great looking boys, great pics and a BIG thanks for the projects and ideas you are so wonderful to share with us. As a hobby demo with little time to sit and imagine, you make it easy for me to create. Thanks again.

  2. FABULOUS photos of the boys. So funny you posted about your photographer, because as I read your blog, I was thinking, "I have to ask how she gets such perfect pictures of the kids!" Love this little album and looks very do-able. Hmmmmmm..... :-)

  3. WOW, great photos! She really knows what she's doing.She also had great subjects to work with, you should be proud:) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea and such handsome boys. Enjoy every moment with them. They grow up so fast and soon they have left the nest and are soaring on their own. It's what you truly want for them, but it pulls at the heart strings. My son is 23 and daughter 19.

  5. Becky, I almost went and purchaesd your tutorial but then realized I already have it. You have made it look so different with this new version. I love your creativity. A must see blog when I am looking for wonderful ideas. I can see why your Stampin Up business is so successful. And a great family too!

  6. Those are GREAT pictures, you have two very handsome boys! The mini photo books are so cute! I love them. Thanks for sharing...I use to take tons and tons of photos of my daughter until she decided she didn't like having her picture made. :)

  7. Great photos, your sons have great smiles. Thanks for sharing the book idea-great for holiday gifts.

  8. Hi Beckky, LOVED these photos!!! I'm a PHOTOAHOLIC so this post grabbed my attention! We have a family photo shoot the day before Thanksgiving this year, your post made me really look forward to it! Do you have any family photos? Your boys are adorable! And you are right, the photographer is amazing!

  9. Great photos of some handsome boys! Love your projects, Becky! You so inspire me :)