Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What An Awesome Leadership Continued

This photo includes some of the FREE products Stampin' Up! gave us...I FREE products, don't you??
Something To Celebrate, Clearly For You and Travel Log Stamp Sets, Simply Adorned Pearl Bauble, Crown Trinkets, Key Trinkets, the long Simply Adorned chain and Large Simply Adorned Square Charm, Beveled Window Pane, Red supa-sparkly Glimmer Paper, Champagne Glass Glitter, Glimmer Brads, Sweet Stitches Fabric, Sweet Stitches Big Buttons, So Much To Celebrate Digital Download CD and things I haven't even unpacked yet!

Stampin' Up! treats us very well and spoils us with so many great things! I do love free stuff but I really love how much this company cares and helps us with our success!

Another thing I love and treasure are the friendships I've made through Stampin' Up!

Below I'll show you a few of the friends I got to see again at Leadership. I could do 20 blog postings on them all!

The friendships really are the best part of Stampin' Up!

Natasha gave me this darling trapezoid box filled with Coffee Crisps, a Canadian candy we can't get here in the US.

Natasha Hein, Louise, Jenilee (all from Canada) and Dirk's Wife. Natasha Hein made this beautiful address book with fabrics, ribbons and Designer Series Paper . She even stamped my name on the spine!

Diana Gibbs and her BFF Tracy Altamose.

I hope I spelled your last name correct Tracy.

Rhonda Morgan and MAMMa, better known as Marlene Salvato.Look at all these absolutely gorgeous cards Marlene made!!!

Cathy Williams my fellow demo friend from California.Cathy's beautiful card!!

This photo includes a bunch of goodies that were given to me by friends. The chocolate and red card is from Susan Campfield, turquoise card from Susan Kauber, Rose Red card from Dirk's Wife...ok, her name is really Laura Widdison. The large clip is from Suzie Barnes, the post it note key chain is from Barbara Welch, the yellow box with the bee bottle cap is from fabulous Debra Keane, the darling penguin is from Kathy Johnson (she surprised the heck out of me and I had a hard time hanging onto this one - everyone wanted to steal it!), the pink triangle box of Hershey kisses is from Chi Nguyen (she was so darling), and the cd case and pen is from Sharon Skelton, my up-upline.

Thank you for the great gifts ladies!!

Thank you to everyone who stopped me to say hello and tell me that you love my blog and to everyone who stopped me to say congratulations on the 10,000th recruit and thank you to everyone who stopped me for a picture. I love that you care and I truly love that you took the time to find me in that crazy crowd! It really means a lot to me!
Thank you Julie Fields for the My Blog Has Attitude Award!

Thank you Lorraine Castellon-Rowe, Diane Simpers and Anne Matasci for the Stylish Blogger Award!

I truly appreciate being recognized for these awards, but as I have explained many times, I don't pass them on. For me, it is simply a time issue. They want you to list 8 things about yourself that no one may know and forward it on to 8 other blogs you admire. Where in the heck would I start with that and how can I list only 8?

If you read my blog, I admire you...with all the rambling I do! Please pick up this award, tell your readers I gave it to you and pass it along to 8 others!