Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tres Chic For Tres Teachers!

The last of the teachers gifts, for the ladies. Together, the boys only have 3 lady teachers! These are from the Tres Chic Handbag tutorial available HERE, and are gift card size. They are pretty little and super quick and easy to make.

I haven't showed my baker Benjamin much, he's been busy with school. This weekend he did make a couple of fruit pizzas for our neighborhood BBQ. Thursday he has to make a Wizard of Oz cake for a surprise birthday party. I'll show you those pictures after. With Drivers Ed starting Monday , I'm not sure he will take on many cakes this summer. We will see.We have a fireman in our neighborhood, so his friends came by the BBQ and showed the fire engine off to the kids. They are so kind to let them in the truck and show them around. They brought all the kids fire hats and goodie bags.
Of course we had to get a bounce house! Luckily, ours didn't fly away like the ones we've been seeing on the news lately.
Who says bounce houses are for the kids? All the parents had a great time! Note to self...alcohol + jumping =blaaah! Thanks Scott!


  1. Those purses are so stinkin' cute!!!! And LOL on the alcohol and the bounce house - what were you thinking???

  2. Waohhh!! j'aime beaucoup les petits sacs .. Les pizzas aussi Lol!

  3. Those little purses are just the cutest little things! I wish I was a teacher in your area!! I always love the picture of your baker son. My 10 year old daughter inspires to have her own cupcake store some day. I always call her in to show her the pictures of your son. She loves them!

  4. Becky as always your creations are gorgeous and I guess benjamin is following in your footsteps...OMGosh how big he has grown and has lost a lot of weight too! Real cutie watch your phone and door the girls are going to swarm him!!!

  5. Thanks for not taking a picture of the blah!!!

    Love ya and see you soon,

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