Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 2 Founder's Circle Pajama Party

Day two of Founder's Circle was the much anticipated pajama party and business share.

Here's the room before the crowd...

...and after. It got a little busy in there!

When things were wrapping up, Janet Wakeland popped up out of her seat to tell Shelli we had a surprise for her. (She had organized a little birthday thing for a milestone birthday coming up. ) You can tell by Shelli's reaction here, she wasn't sure where this was going.

It was just a little birthday crown and a whole bunch of Happy Birthday cards! Isn't she darling!

Pajamas aren't usually my favorite pictures, but it was fun with great friends like Diana Gibbs.

New friend Sandi Rule...I mean Sandi, YOU rule girlfriend!!! Or was it that I was supposed to follow Sandi's Rules?? I can't remember.

Yummy treats!

Excellent service! Kellie Sue, Cori and Jennifer

Yep, I ate the whole thing!

So, you know I told you I had famous next door mates, right? Well I couldn't wait to show my friends. They were squealing with excitement and thought it would be fun to leave some love. I was freakin' out cuz being next door I didn't want 'them' to think it was ME!!!

So...they come up with a plan. Here's the lipstick. Any guesses who's it was? Recognize the pocket?

It wasn't her lipstick but she grabbed it and fast like a Ninja, she lipped up and started kissing signs, reloading with each kiss...just like she had done this before. Hmmm....

Anyone recognize the kissing bandit?? Pretty funny huh! This whole thing went down in 2.2 seconds and they took off down that hall so fast I almost peed my pants. Shelli, Shalae & Sara, here's proof it was NOT me! After all, someone had to take pictures! *Ü*

Such a FUN day!


  1. That is so funny! Love your share and looks like you are having so much fun!

  2. oh, yes . . .I recognize!! . . . but I won't tell!!! LOL! What fun!

  3. The short hair is a good clue . . . but it's not me . . . hugs, mary