Monday, March 5, 2012

The Birthday Boy!

Nicholas survived his terrible month of bad luck to celebrate his 13th birthday Sunday!

And he asked for a bacon cake...gross, I could barely eat it! He loved it tho. It was a regular white cake with buttercream frosting airbrushed to look like a strip of bacon.

Yet another new scooter. I think he owns every make and model out there now!

A rare moment of brotherly love. *Ü*

Finally a project...

Stamp Clubs this week will be learning flowers. So many cool flower ideas out there, I had a hard time deciding which ones to make.
Edited To Add: Hi friends, thank you for all the e-mails. I will not be making a tutorial of the flowers. I used several different You Tube videos on paper flowers to come up with the combination. I've used Flowers Daisies #2, Island Floral and Blossom Party die-cuts to make them all.


  1. Becky this is too stinkin' cute. A bacon cake! Now that's a first and so very clever!! What a great mom.
    Now those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!! I have all the dies and will try to duplicate them... if that's okay with you? Hugs.

  2. Happy Birthday Nicholas! What an original cake you had. Best wishes!
    I really thought those flowers were real for a sec. They are gorgeous!! I too will try my hand at them. Those dies get a work out, don't they?!

  3. What a pair of handsome young men you have Becky. It's been fun watching them grow up on your blog.

    Happy Birthday Nicholas!

  4. Oh that cake is tooooo much! I love can never have too much bacon!! Now...tell me more about those incredible flowers!!!! How did you make them, what did you use?? Gorgeous!

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  6. Happy Birthday Nicholas! - 13 is an amazing age - enjoy it!!

  7. Happy Birthday Nicholas - 13 is an amazing age - enjoy it!!

  8. your boys are good looking young men; thanks for sharing a family moment....the cake, well, not my kind!Happy Birthday...big boy!!

  9. Ahhhhhhhhh Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! I should've known there would be a VERY CREATIVE CAKE involved! Did Benjamin make it? Did it TASTE like bacon (I'm scrunching my nose right now!) Anywhoooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope to meet you in person someday!