Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paper Flowers

This month my Stamp Clubs made paper flowers - we had so much fun!

I had several e-mails asking if I was going to do a tutorial on them. I wasn't, but my intention was to kind of show you how I made them. Well, that isn't going to happen either! However, I did take some closer photos and I am going to tell you where I found the instructions for each flower. *Ü*

They almost look real, don't they?

The rose shown here in So Saffron and in the vase, Pink Pirouette, were kind of based on this tutorial HERE. I used the Island Floral die-cut.

This is a regular daisy and I have it shown here in Pink Pirouette and the vase in So Saffron. Directions for this one can be found HERE. I used the Daisies #2 die-cut.

This one is my favorite!! Shown above in Rose Red and in the vase in Whisper White, I mostly used the tutorial found HERE. I used the Daisies #2 die-cut.

The Perfect Plum was so fun to make, I used the Blossom Party die-cut. Cut 5 of them, fold 4 of them in half and half again and glue them all to the center of the flower that you did not fold. When dry, fluff them up with your fingers.

The wild looking green things were found HERE and the lily (I think) was kind of based on several I had seen but really used my own . It is made with the Island Floral die-cut and a tiny middle based on the wild green thing.

Try some, they are surprisingly easy!


  1. Wow Becky, thank for sharing! Very very pretty,
    Hugs frenchie.

  2. Hi Becky,

    your flowers are so beautiful. I love it!

    Look, here can you see my summerflowers =
    Monis summerflowers


  3. These are beautiful!What a terrific gift for someone in the hospital or recovering. No flowers to throw out, or floral smells for those who are allergic!Thank you for taking the time to let us know where to find the tutorials!

  4. I've been thinking for months about having my stamp clubs make flowers. Thank you for sharing all those tutorial links in your blog posts. Now I have too many choices, LOL!

  5. Oh my word....those are gorgeous!!! Looks like I need to add a couple more dies to my order! haha! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. where did you get the vines?