Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Founder's Circle Swapping & Fun

The Business Share evening is a pajama party at Founder's Circle.

 Sheri Peters, Diana Gibbs and me.  Lorri Heiling is taking the picture - I'll have one of her cute self next time.

 Yummy snacks!  Every kind of Rice Krispie treat you could possibly think of!

 And a man there making fresh cinnamon almonds.  Oh the smell in the hotel before we got in to actually see what was in store was amazing!!!  So were the almonds.  It was hard to tell if it was cinnamon rolls, cookies or what!  The presentation of them was adorable in these handmade cones with special Founder's Circle Cinnamon Almond tags on them.  Yep, I dumped the almonds I didn't eat and kept the packaging!

Everyone in pajamas!  In the center facing you is Angie Kennedy Juda with Rhonda Wade in plaid talking to her.
Everyone lined up for the swap!  It took up two hallways, through the lobby around the corner past the elevators...120 ladies all swapping in a line.  Pretty impressive!
Here are my swaps in production.

Card fronts finished!

It was a 2 layer swap, duplicatable and you know how hard that is for me to make a card with just 2 layers????

All bagged up and ready to go! 


  1. These are an absolute winner! I love the two layers of embossing and DSP with a corsage of that darling friendship jar. Absolutely demonstrable and duplicatable.

  2. Gorgeous swap card! TFS the pictures of FC and your cards.

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  4. Trip of a LIFETIME! So much fun, and your swap was one of my favs!!! :) Great job Miss Becky!

  5. You followed the rules! These are definately demonstratable and duplicatable! Say that 10 times!
    Beautiful cards Becky! You have lots of ideas with all those swaps!

  6. Your swaps are so cute...but you must be using that new-fangled math because I count more than two layers. :) Unless of course you don't count the seven layers on the embellishment...LOL! Sounds like you had a great trip!