Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pumpkin Baseball!

You've been waiting for it, so have we, and finally it happened...the ceremonial end of season pumpkin baseball game!
The crowd gathers, the spectators are in place...

First at bat, Benjamin - at 5'8" and 16 years old, he hits with ease.
Pumpkin puree all over!  It's a home run!!
Second at bat, Nicholas- at 5'3" and 13 years old, he hits like he's played all his life!

Out of the park and the crowd is on their feet!
With an experienced Dad of a pitcher and a supportive catcher, Benjamin takes it one more time.

That's it folks, the 2012 ceremonial end of season pumpkin baseball game highlights!
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  1. "and the crowd is on their feet" !!!! ROFL! Such a guy gam. Reminds me sweetly of my father and brother and their traditions, too. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Becky, you are too funny! What a wonderful, wacky family tradition! You are making priceless memories with your family.

  3. 'Everyone is on their feet' :] and doing the wave.
    Looks like that would be alot of fun and see the boys sure are enjoying themselves.

    Noticed your tree rings. I love those. Did you make them? I haven't seen anything like them.

  4. As a mom of two boys myself...AWESOME!!!

  5. GREAT idea... We should do this with our pumpkins. We certainly don't need them now. FUN!

  6. I love when you post about your family's Pumpkin Baseball!!! So fun!

  7. This looks like super fun!! Pumpkin Baseball!! :O)

  8. I love your pumpkin baseball tradition! What family fun! I must say you're quite the commentator too!

  9. You're so dang funny! Great play by play commentary!

  10. Hahaha.....the fall season is COMPLETE! Great play by play action here...Thanks Becky!