Thursday, August 1, 2013

International Meet & Greet at Convention

This year Stampin' Up! celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a special invitation.  They invited all our international demonstrators who earned their incentive trip to Utah to come early and attend our US convention. This included demonstrators from the UK, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand.
As you have been reading on my blog all week, I'm sharing all he fun I had at the Stampin' Up! convention.  Today I'm sharing about just one very special hour.     

Friday afternoon I hosted a meet & greet for our international demonstrators to meet some of their favorite US bloggers.  In talking with a few of my UK friends, they asked if it was possible for them to meet all their favorite bloggers in one I said sure! ...then quickly went to work on the details. *Ü*
They gave me a list of all the bloggers they wanted to meet and then I reached out to the other countries to include everyone.

We had a very casual and informal meet and greet with no organized swapping or anything.  Just an opportunity to meet, have pictures taken and visit.  It was unexpectedly overwhelming!  We have no idea sitting at the computer, just blogging about what we love, the impression or impact we make on other people.  As several of the US bloggers agreed afterward, it was truly and amazing experience to hear the gratitude and admiration they shared with us. 

I made all the bloggers a sign so they could be easily identified. 

A few of us playing with 'our sign' afterwards.  Hey Tami White  - where is the photo of you laying on the floor with us stepping on you... and Aaron Scott, your new tour manager (and head of the Australian market) holding your sign. That was a pretty funny moment.

 I gave each of the international demonstrators a little bag tag welcoming them to the US.  We met about 60 demonstrators.
I had no idea I was about to be showered with gifts and cards and the most yummy chocolate stuff ever!  The bag of Tim Tams (thanks Leonie!) were long gone by the time these pictures were taken ;)


You are an amazing group of very talented ladies and it was an honor to meet you!  Next time, we will take more than an hour!


  1. Your International welcome was a big hit! Your welcome key chains were genius of course! Extremely well done my friend!

  2. Thank you so much for all your organising, it was so wonderful to meet you all. A highlight of my trip !

  3. Becky, I am a US demo going thru my daily blogs and just read this. What a generous gesture you have done. It reminds me why I am proud to be apart of such a wonderful organization and a American. Kudos to you. Thank you for making "us" proud.

  4. That looks like it was so much fun! I would have loved to be there (from Australia) and maybe one day that will happen. You are a lovely woman to have done that fro your international visitors :)

  5. I am so grateful to you Beckie for doing this. I know we all loved that hour and your kindness touched our hearts. Big hugs xx

  6. What a wonderful idea! Great event to organize!

  7. Hi Becky it was truly lovely to meet you and I am sorry I let out a huge GASP when I saw you! Think I was a bit star struck!!! Thank you for your kind swap and I an star struck seeing mine on your blog! You were looking FAB by the way too! JUlie x

  8. it was so nice to meet you :-)
    thanks you
    greetings from germany