Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Look At These Tres Chic Handbags!

Aren't they cute?  Patti from Stationery Styles shared her posting with me of the handbags she made for Christmas gifts using my Tres Chic Handbag tutorial.  Super cute Christmas gifts!!

Hop on over to her blog to see lots more pictures of all the creative purses she made.  Love the buckles for the closures!!

I brought in the totes to take down the Christmas stuff.  Unloaded the tissue I had folded up and saved to re-wrap things in...and somebody decided to hide their new squeaky toy in it and jump on it over and over and over!

She was having such a great time, I didn't dare scold her. Come on, look at that face!

She knew it wasn't right, but since I wasn't reprimanding her she just kept playing...but she would NOT look at me in the eye or look at the camera!  Guilty!  Sometimes you just have to let a girl have some fun! *Ü*
Happy New Year blog friends!
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  1. Becky ... love these! Did you mean we have until December 31st to order to get the pattern for free?

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  3. What's not to love in a dog's face? I know not everyone loves your dog (or kids!) like you do, but she's having lots of fun; these handbags are incredible!! Happy New Year, Becky, & to you & your family, too!!

  4. First of all, I received such a joy and out loud laughter reading and seeing what took place with your adorable Fur Baby! I'm so glad she didn't get in trouble since she was having such a good time! She is an absolute doll! :)

    Secondly, LOVE those purses! They are beautifully done and I will check out her blog for sure.

    Lastly . . . Have a Happy New Year Becky!

  5. My buttons are busting! thank you for the shout-out, Becky! I just love the blogging world which brings so many wonderful people into my life. : ) I have received many wonderful kudos and comments from your followers. I appreciate you!

    I giggled when I saw your dog. Even before I read the post I said - "oh this baby KNOWS she's being bad" heehee Love it!!

    Thank you again and Happy New Year!!


  6. It's Christmas Becky and a dog has to have fun too but in saying that doggies always know when they are doing things they shouldn't ;) love the bags too and pay you had a lovely Christmas x