Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Weekly Deals, Year-End Closeouts and Christmas Wrap Up!

Another awesome Christmas! 
It was a different one, being the first one without my mom and dad, but it was ok.  I thought about them a lot of course but I wasn't sad, just a little weird.  There was plenty going on with these fun guys and we had round 2 this past weekend with George's family.  Today it all comes down and gets put away!

How many of you know what Nicholas' shirt says?

Benjamin so cool in his new Ray-Ban glasses!
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  1. I ate some pie , too. Great shirt. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year, to you & your family. Looking foreword to another great year of blogging w/you.
    You're totally the Queen in blog land!!!

  3. Is that what the shirt says, Germaine??? So cool you knew that! I did get the "pie" part, at least! What a cool shirt!

    Love the RayBan's also (well, aka seeing your boys together too!). You have been in my thoughts over the holidays Becky.....

    You are, totally, the Queen of Blog land and projects too! I adore the sharing of your things and want to thank you again, for "everything" that you do and are for us!!!! My sincerest wishes to you all for a new year full of blessings, health and happiness! God Bless! Happy New Year!!

  4. I love that shirt! Even with my math degree, I forgot that the square root of -1 = i. This shirt would have been awesome to have when I was in college. Glad you had a great Christmas with your boys!

  5. Becky where did you get that t-shirt. I would love to send one to my son who is an engineering student at Northwestern for Valentine's day.

  6. I love that shirt!! I wish I would have eaten some pie. :) Happy New Year. Merry Christmas!!! Looking forward to many blessings this year. May you continue to see success in all that you do!


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  8. Darling photo, what a fun shirt! Looks like an awesome Christmas!