Monday, May 29, 2017

Our Nicholas Graduated This Weekend!

Our Nicholas graduated from high school this weekend with highest honors.  We could not be more proud of this young man...except for the graduation part, which leads to the leaving home part. ;-( 
We had the best day celebrating his accomplishments with a house full of family and friends!  It was really more like a three day party - the kid made a haul!
Tossing all the graduation caps in the air!
Nicholas is known for his funny t-shirts and wanted to wear one under his gown.  What the heck, you only graduate high school once!
The whole gang - they've been best friends for the past 10 years.
Celebrating at home with dinner and cake.

Opening all the gifts.  This one was his new laptop computer.
Such a fun weekend celebrating our baby! 
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Nicholas! You all must be so proud! xoxo

  2. Congratulations to NICHOLAS!! Way to go! It's been so fun following you over the years, so PROUD of you and how well you did in your highschool years! WAY TO GOOOOOO!