Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your friends and family!  Here are a couple of highlights from our home.

Christmas gifts and tree ornaments being kept safe from the new puppy with a fence all the way around.

When Benjamin was born I found this stocking at a craft show and fell in love with it.  Having no intention of having another child, I only bought one.

Surprise, surprise!  Three years later Nicholas came along and you know me, I had to have a matching stocking! You have no idea the lengths I went to in finding the lady who made Benjamin's.  They had moved, she had gotten out of craft shows and wasn't even sewing anymore. I was able to talk her into making one more. *Ü*

There is nothing like seeing your kids happy and excited.  No matter how old they get there is something a little magical about Christmas morning!

Removing the fence so presents can be opened.  That little girl is pretty sure he should not be touching that and seems to be looking to dad for approval.

iPhone X for both of them.  They were shocked and surprised!!  Yay, mom and dad nailed this one!

All is well in the Roberdopoulos household.  The boys will both be home for nearly a month and that makes for a very happy mama!

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