Thursday, December 28, 2017

Daphne's First Christmas

Daphne is 12 weeks old today.  She loves cold weather, snow and her brothers, until dad gets home and then he is her FAVORITE!  Never mind, I am the one who takes care of her every need...

She sits in it like it's nothing!  I love to watch her put her nose down under the snow and tunnel through.  I'm trying to get a video of her doing it.

Like any baby, she had the most fun with the wrap and bows.

Nicholas got a ring for Christmas and Daphne found the box.  Like any good memory keeper, I asked Benjamin to hold her down while I took a picture, before I scolded her. *Ü*

Thank goodness it was just the box!

She absolutely loves this large jingle bell!  She puts the string loop in her teeth and swings it around and hits herself in the head and then attacks it.  She is soooo fun!

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Enjoy the sneak peek until January 1st when it can all be yours!

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  1. Thanks for sharing puppy pictures! I love puppies and just wish they would stay small and fun filled. I'm happy my dog doesn't chew things anymore but I miss the funny mischief they get into. Happy New Year!

  2. Your new 'baby' is adorable! My daughter has two labs. The one that is two years old loves to 'craft' (which is what my daughter calls Bailey's chewing of items). This post makes me think of Bailey. Enjoy the baby. She looks like she's going to be loads of fun over the years.

  3. Becky I love seeing your new baby! Our newest addition (a Golden named Rosie) will be 2 in Feb. Seeing your posts are like reliving her first months. That time passed so quickly!