Saturday, July 14, 2018

Convention 2018 Highlights Part 2

The best part of convention is gathering with friends, making new relationships and spending a week with like minded people. So much creative energy going on!

This was a first convention for all of my team and boy did we represent.  FSJ asked for people who are 'experts' in things to apply to teach classes and demonstrate products.  I encouraged my team to go for it!

Sheree Hughes taught a break out class and demonstrated on main stage.

Carrie Rhoades taught a break out class and demonstrated on main stage too.

I taught two classes, Blogging for Beginners and the $1000 Event.

Sara Sherlock taught a break out class on Color Theory.

Jen Guarino demonstrated during the Color Pop Crop.
I didn't get pictures of all that participated but I sure am proud of them!

I love having an opportunity to connect with my BFF.  We met through stamping and continue to love it together.  Helen Allen is in the middle.

Of course being with Bonnie Farley is always a highlight!  I am so happy Bonnie has joined the FSJ team!

Then...put a brand new catalog in the hands of Coaches and watch the smiles!
Chellie Beaudot

Joan VanSchoiack, Jill Hilliard, Amy Pickett

Taryn Clair and Janine Pope

Shannon Jaramillo and Jen Guarino

Connie Schoenhofer and Kathryn Thomas

Sara Sherlock and me

Me, Bonnie and Jill Hilliard

Jenny Arabo, The Certified Celebrator, Brittany Young, Kim Kesti and Lynn Leusch

Georgie Manning, Janine Pope, Carrie Rhoades, Patty Sowell and Taryn Clair

Some of the Boise girls at the airport, the others took an earlier flight.

Michelle Woerner and me

So many friends, so little time.  Thank goodness we have photos to remember happy events!

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  1. Wow! That looks like so much fun! If you ever share your info about beginning blogging please let me know! I have to start from scratch with my blog and it is overwhelming!