Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pack it Up Small Die of the Month

With my crazy love for school supplies, I knew I had to have this backpack die called Pack it Up by Spellbinders.
I haven't even made them into cards - they are so cute I have to show you now!!

 I used several different patterned papers from the Good Life Prints pack for these three.

The Small and Large Die of the Month are membership clubs, however, you can purchase and cancel or purchase and suspend until there is another one you want.
The large die of the month is the most darling clipboard card and accessories you've ever seen.  I will be showing that to you later.

I added tiny magnets under the patterned paper so they would open and close easily.  
The little dies for added pieces inside the backpack or for the card are so stinking cute!  There is an apple, a notebook, glasses and a crayon/pencil.

My favorite part is the zipper detail - look how adorable that is!!!
I may show these again when I get the cards made, or I may turn them into index rings!

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  1. I don't know if you are aware of it, but your blog and ordering system is really hard to understand. Is the membership 12.95 for the Small and Large Die of the month club? Or is that the price of the small die of the month? A few weeks ago I saw a beautiful card on your blog and wanted the die and stamp set but it was way too hard to figure out how to get it and the shipping seems to b high. I am not a fan of this new way you are doing things. Just thought you might like some feedback.

    1. Hi there, I know it may seem confusing as things have changed here. I typically put all links in the body of each post so it is easy for you click and see the information. You can see the Small is linked and the Large is linked, they are separate purchases and products.
      I'm always happy to help and answer questions. Just click on the contact me at the top and it goes straight to my e-mail.

  2. Thank you. That helps. I am going to email you