Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Decor 2019

 Oh how I love Christmas... the decorating, cooking, baking, crafting, the company, the kids are home...all of it!  Sitting with a hot cup of coffee super early in the morning with just the Christmas tree lights is my absolute favorite thing.  Those few short weeks seem so magical.

Today I am going to give you a look at a few of our Christmas decorations.  Some of my favorite things are hanging in the tree.  I put stuff in the tree that isn't even an ornament!

I've had these elf feet since the kids were little and they still climb in the tree every year.

In the hallway, I have on this table with an antique scale.  I put a tree in the bowl and set my tiered shelf next to it. The Santa is a ceramic Greek Santa my mom painted for us years ago.  See the creeper in the right side of the photo? *Ü*

Under the table is this little cart that I bought at the Pottery Barn a few years ago.  I change it up for every holiday.

In the living room I have a tray that I put the lamp in that sits next to a chair.  I added a tree and some snowman that my BFF, Kim sent last year.  I love these little guys!

Here I added a Merry & Bright typewriter print to my antique typewriter that sits out year round.  The stuffed trees are from Details 2 Enjoy (made by Lalu_Furniture) and I have lots of big jingle bells out this year.

On the mantle, I have more big jingle bells.  These are from Craft Warehouse. 

The boys stockings are hung on the fireplace and this year I bought these beautiful script name tags from an Etsy store called 2Daughtersheirlooms.  They are beautiful...bigger than I thought, but my boys have long names!

In the kitchen, my little red truck holds a gnome and trees.  It sits on a wood lazy Susan from Home Goods.

Above our sliding glass doors, I have these little chairs I got years ago at The Pottery Barn.  I bought little gnomes for them from Real Deals in Boise.

I also have this ladder of baskets from Real Deals that hold old cutting boards and other stuff.  I took out the other stuff and added a few Christmas decorations to them as well.
I hope you enjoyed this years' tour of Christmas decorations!

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  1. So adorable. My goodness. I love every detail in your decor. Merry Christmas!