Friday, December 13, 2019

Christmas Tiered Tray

You all know how much I love my tiered tray!  I usually put it away at Christmastime, but this year I decided to keep it out.  So this is the first time I've decorated it in a Christmas theme and I had so much fun!

My tray is from Target, but it is often sold out, so I linked it at Amazon too.

The trees are from Hobby Lobby, the houses are from the Target (large, medium,small). 
The tiny cup is from TJ Maxx and I had my baker, Benjamin whip up some topping when he was home over Thanksgiving. We mixed spackling paste and white paint in a piping bag and I cut a piece of a paper straw to put in it before it dried.
The JOY with the bell in the middle is from a local store called The Nest and the greenery and gnome (it was an ornament) are from The Lob.

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  1. Beautiful! I just recently got a tray from Hobby Lobby and I love it! I found some magnetic candle toppers at bath and body works that are so cute! A light up tree, a polar bear, jingle bells and a snow scene under a cloche!

  2. Oh man...that whipped topping on the cup is genius. So beautiful. Love how you decorate to perfection.