Saturday, August 8, 2020

Pink Letter Board Party!

You probably didn't know I was waiting on it...but I received my new pink letter board last week!  It is so pretty!!!  

Felt Creative Home Goods sells all sizes and shapes of rustic letter boards. You've seen me use my little 6 x 6 boards in my tiered tray, I got those there too. I just ordered a new black one with white rustic frame for my kitchen as the frame on my old one is falling apart.  Poor thing has been well loved and repaired so many times.

I made all the medallions and paper bows and of course the flowers.  I think this might be Felicity Jane paper.  The flamingo cupcakes are from the store.  I stuck all the decorations to the letter board with blue painters tape.  It held well and came right off all the paper with no issues.
I know you are going to ask, so here are the details: 

I got it from Felt Creative Home Goods.  They sell all sizes and shapes of rustic letter boards. You've seen me use my little 6 x 6 boards in my tiered tray, I got those there too. 

This one is 12 x 16 and comes with over 800 letters and characters, all 12 months of the year, the 7 days of the week, some scripty words and an easel stand. It comes in 10 x 10 also and several different colors.
The easel is a wood stand and comes apart to lay flat when not in use.
Those flamingo cupcakes are so cute!  
FYI - I used black letters for this project and they did not come with this letter board, they came with my 6 x 6 boards.
Look how boring it is with no decorations. *Ü*  I loved decorating it.  I plan to use this for a few more projects and then hang it permanently in the house.

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