Saturday, February 27, 2021

Bunnies and New Tier Tray Essentials

How do you like your peeps?  
I could answer that a few different, alive and breathing and NOT the marshmallow type? *Ü* 

Well, today we're talking about wood peep style bunnies and other wood things for you to paint and enjoy in your home decor.  I love supporting other crafters, especially local crafters and when I find something I love, I like to share with all of you.
My friend Michelle, from Idaho Custom Creations, the one who is creating the fabulous Tiered Tray monthly subscription kit that I LOVE, has a few new products in her store. 
Speaking of which, you are going to love the Easter tray subscription kit.  I will be showing it here on the March 3rd. 

Peep style Mini Bunnies - you get a baggie of 15 of these little cuties for just $5!  

These 2" wood bunnies are made of 1/4" maple wood and paint like a dream!

I may have painted quite a few!  I'm going to include them in a few Easter goodies this year.  
I love the fun, bright colors, but for my home decor, I like things that are a bit more neutral.  So MY bunnies got a coat of  Warm White paint and a dip in some dark finishing wax.

I know you're going to ask...the mini shopping carts can be found HERE

If you would like some bunnies of your own, here is the photo you're looking for on her website

You know how much I love my tiered tray, so I was super excited when she introduced a line of risers.  My tiered tray is recessed, so I have to set smaller thing on blocks and such to get them to show above the rim.  These are PERFECT!

They come unfinished so you can stain or paint to match your decor.  
Stand Risers and Ball Foot Risers in 4" and 5".

I painted my Stand Risers Warm White, put pink stripes on the taller one and them waxed them with dark finishing wax. I used Frog Tape to mask off the areas for the stripes.  
The Ball Root Risers, I painted Neutral Gray and antiqued those too.

The ladders are a fun accessory!  You put them on the edge of your tray and they lean against the next tier. All trays are different sizes, so she has the most common 3 sizes in her store.  My tiered tray needs the 9" to lean from the bottom tray to the top tray.

 They stand alone or you can add a little something sitting on the ladder. 
Tiered Tray Ladders in 5", 7" and 9".  Prices range from $3.99 - $5.99 each.

Let me know if you add some new pieces to your home decor, I'd love to see a photo or tag me on Instagram!
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